Volvo : The Little XC40 SUV is Getting More Precise

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The future small Volvo SUV should be exclusively electric.


Things are still a little bit clearer about a Volvo small SUV that could be called the XC40. The Chinese group Geely, owner of the Swedish manufacturer, has just presented a modular architecture for electric vehicles called SEA (Sustainable Experience Architecture) at the Beijing 2020 show and Hakan Samuelsson, the boss of Volvo, would have revealed to our British colleagues of Auto Express that a small Volvo exclusively “zero emission” would use it.
This platform can be used as a basis for vehicles ranging from segments A to E according to Geely; Volvo would plan to use it to extend its range from the bottom. “We will also use the SEA. We’ll use it for a smaller car,

which I think it’s very convenient and relevant for us to share it, so that we have a financial structure for a smaller car that is very competitive. It’s difficult to push the CMA platform (from the XC40, editor’s note), which is a combination platform for electric and combustion cars, even lower. So if you want to make a smaller car than the XC40, SEA can do it. We’ll use it for that,” the manager is reported to have explained.

Neither city car, nor SUV?

As for whether the model in question would be an, Samuelsson would have answered: “Yes, good point! It has to be a premium vehicle, and SUVs are very popular, but it also has to be an all-electric vehicle. I think the SUVs of the future might not be quite like the SUVs of today. Ground clearance and off-road capabilities are probably not the most important things right now.” Not an elevated vehicle, but not a city car, either, so. See you soon to find out what this likely volvo xc40 r design, will look like.

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