USA : When Joe Biden Was Burning Gum in His Corvette 1967

Joe Biden Chevrolet Corvette 1967
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After many ups and downs, Joe Biden has just been elected the 46th President of the United States and will soon succeed Donald Trump. The Democrat is known to be a fan of the Chevrolet Corvette. In 2016,

when he was still vice-president of the Obama administration, he introduced his to the host Jay Leon in the show Jay Leno’s Garage and did not hesitate to smoke the gum at the wheel. Watch the video.

Biden is indeed the happy and first owner of a Corvette Sting Ray convertible acquired on August 19, 1967. It was restored by his two sons, one of whom has now passed away a few years ago. The car still looks like new with its dark green paint, brown leather upholstery, and its V8 of over 300 hp combined with a four-speed manual transmission. Last August, Joe Biden showed it again on video.

An electric Corvette, the automotive symbol of Biden?

Although a lover of “old-fashioned” mechanics, Joe Biden is expected to pursue a policy aimed at reducing CO2 emissions from automobiles in the United States in line with the one put in place by Barack Obama. Donald Trump had cancelled some measures put in place by his predecessor in this regard.

This does not seem incompatible for the new President-elect, who had let it slip out last August that Chevrolet was developing an electric Corvette capable of exceeding 320 km/h.

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