United Kingdom: Gasoline And Diesel Banned From 2030!

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In the United Kingdom, the sale of new 100% internal combustion vehicles will stop in less than ten years.

In 2017, the British government announced that new non-electric gasoline and diesel vehicles would be banned from sale in the UK from 2030, as in France. Earlier this year, an earlier deadline of 2035 was discussed in the UK. The UK authorities are accelerating this move today and are announcing the end of 100% new thermal engines by 2030, as in the Netherlands.

The transition to an all-electric new car fleet will take place in two stages. Between 2030 and 2035, the only new gasoline or diesel vehicles that will remain authorized for sale will be hybrids that can travel “a significant distance” in electric mode, according to the UK government, a distance that remains to be specified. Then from 2035 onwards, only new cars and vans that do not emit any exhaust fumes will be allowed for sale.United Kingdom

Major investments announced

The British government plans to invest £1.8 billion (approximately ‘2.01 billion) in the development of infrastructure dedicated to electric vehicles, as well as £582 million (€650 million) in grants to help motorists acquire a “zero emission” car.

It also promises funding of £500 million (‘560 million) to create 169,000 jobs in connection with this transition.

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