2020 Uber abandons research on autonomous vehicles

Volvo XC90
Uber abandons research on autonomous vehicles.Volvo XC90
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The American start-up sold its autonomous driving research division.This is the end of a science-fiction dream for Uber.

The American firm is putting an end to its ambitions to replace its drivers with autonomous vehicles, and is selling its research division to Aurora, a start-up specializing in autonomous driving.
Uber, which since its creation has never made a single profit, was counting on advances in the field to eventually put an end to what costs it the most: driver salaries.

In difficulty because of Covid?

But with the various confinements around the world, the company suffered a lot in 2020. Selling operations that bring no short-term profit has become a necessity, while the company would also have sold its division in charge of developing a flying cab.

But when it comes to autonomous driving, all is not lost for the company. Aurora, the buyer of this division, has signed a partnership with Uber, which provides for the autonomous vehicles developed by the start-up, founded by former Google and Tesla employees, to be integrated into the Uber fleet.

The development of autonomous driving has often been controversial at Uber. One recalls, for example, a fatal accident in 2018, which put a serious brake on the firm’s research.

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