BradBuilds: A Young American Artist Transforms A BMW M4 into A Motorhome!

Camping-car BMW M4
Camping-car BMW M4
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There are artists who do not hesitate to take on projects that are a little crazy! Like BradBuilds who made a house on wheels out of a 500 horsepower German BMW M4 car!

Usually, the brands of motorhomes are rather Adria, Bürstner or Chausson… But, a rather secret artist who officiates under the name of BradBuilds has just proposed a powerful model, designed from a German car: the BMW M4!

This young American artist gave himself the crazy challenge of transforming a 500 horsepower car into a camper. He presented his project during a Wheeler Dealers show, and viewers must have been blown away by this project. The result is splendid, but he didn’t reveal his design plans! Presentation.

To realize his project of BMW M4 in a motorhome, he installed a cabin at the back of the car. Obviously, we are not sure that this vehicle is completely adapted to this use. On the aerodynamic level, the cabin must be a bit of a mess!


A discreet but very talented mechanic
BradBuilds is a rather secret artist who, a bit like Banksy, doesn’t show his face too much… But he still has 376000 subscribers on his Instagram account! Concretely, BradBuilds’ vehicle has a small kitchen and a sleeping area in the back of the BMW. For the rest, the artist installed solar panels to provide basic electricity inside the small house on wheels!

A motorhome cabin

To accommodate this cab, BradBuilds also modified the body and suspension to include off-road tires. The BMW M4 isn’t BradBuilds’ first attempt, it has already transformed Nissan, Datsun and Dodge. On the other hand, the BMW transformation is not (yet) available on its YouTube channel, which is the case for other models.

Let’s admit that it would be rather stylish to travel through the French countryside aboard this luxury car! It would inevitably detonate on a camper parking lot and would really not go unnoticed… But it is beautiful!

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