Toyota Camry Hybrid 2020 Review

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Toyota Camry well strictly speaking could actually call this call out steel blonde but you get the point now this kind of camera is a bit of an archetype on Australian roads and chances are if you’re a bit of a cane drive that you’ve been stuck behind 1 on a good bit of ride once in the past but as we’ll find out in today’s video there’s not really a need for that anymore because this thing is actually really rather good because TNGA underpinnings and 2.5 liter hybrid powertrain with 160 kilowatts actually means it’s a pretty good drive but before we get to that

Toyota Camry Hybrid 2020
we’re gonna jump inside the interior check out the practicalities and the cabin quality of this 2020 Toyota Camry before running around to the boot and seeing how practical the vehicle is of course at any point during this video I’d love to know your thoughts on the Cameri down below this video because chances are you’ve had experience in 1 of these because they’re so popular on Australian roads be that as a tribal or is a slightly inebriated passenger perhaps but while you’re down there I’d love it if you could click subscribe below this video and help us on our way to 100 K..

So jumping inside the cockpit of the 2020 Cameri and a quick note to you guys this isn’t a 2020 more modeled so it gets the previous generation inset infotainment system for 2021 Toyota have put a lodging 9 inch display that fits in well with the rest of the Toyota range like the C. H. R. ND corolla but we’ll be reviewing this 1 that we have in front of us so basically the essence board gets an 8 inch touchscreen in frontrunner heat with nice man of short cut buttons on the side and it’s a pretty decent thing to interact with it is a little bit laggy to the touch especially on the satellite navigation it’s sort of not the greatest thing but it does have wide apple CarPlay and android auto capability the rest of the cabin design ease fairly staid it’s nothing particularly exciting although it’s definitely carpeted around the drive in a sort of more old school fashion the passenger.

is rather sort of cut out any activities going on the storage is pretty good you got a really nicely sized central being under a quite soft on rest we got 2 decent sized Cup holders 1 slightly larger and another slightly smaller and some storage here in front of the driver for fines and keys and all it’s in storage in front of me on this as sensible model you get a leather covered steering wheel and shifter as well the dials themselves aren’t exactly the most beautiful things in the world you wouldn’t mistake them for a watch face that’s for sure and the info that you can get in the 7 inch screen in front of the drive the ease a little bit old school there is a digital Spader but 1 of the EC I have with this car is it in this particular vehicle the times are set incorrectly I’ve each entertainment system if that makes sense which really it’s a little thing but to me it makes the Cameri feel a little bit cheaper.

Toyota Camry Hybrid 2020

That being said there’s quite a lot of soft touch material in here that there’s some sort of brown affects teaching which is a theme carried throughout the car and the driver gets nice soft touch upon the dashboard the doors and the arm rest is fairly comfortable and it’s a spacious place debate the seats themselves are covered in a fairly cheap fabric that probably went way very well. However at the driver’s seat electric adjustment makes it really easy to find quite a sporty driving position almost with your legs stretched out and the wheel falling to hands very nicely so overruled the front seat of the Camry is a pretty decent space to spend a lot of time let’s see what the the receipts lack. Hopping on to the reinvention the Cameri and it’s very very self back here the material is the same as the front seats but the chairs you sort of sinkings them it feels actually quite comfortable at first base back here as well now I’m 6 foot 2 which is pretty toll for a backseat but the good thing about Cameri is that I have room even behind my driving position I’ve got so much nearer it’s pretty excellent turns like hail that

the seat does sit pretty low to the ground side I mean if we’re being picky and SCV does that a little bit better but that is a bit extreme as the headroom it’s okay when I’m sitting normally however if I sort of lean back into the seat you’ll see that my head ends up being jammed right up against the ceiling which is a little bit uncomfortable but again not a big deal as for content back here we’ve got map pockets behind both chairs you’ve also got adjustable Wenzel they do kind of look like they’ve been pulled out of the 19 nineties Ford kind of a little bit cheaper unfortunately there’s also a note USP or 12 volt socket back here however there is a flip down palm rest with 2 bottle holders you got to little bottle holders in the door as well and unfortunately the material does get a plaque scratchy plastic back here however that’s good Yom rest does remain for the passenger as a fitting 3 people back here you could do it old enough hump in the floor is surprisingly large for a front wheel drive vehicle and you have to sort of splayed legs on the side but the way to the cop means that you could pretty easily fit 3 people across intensive shoulder width and it wouldn’t be too uncomfortable now it’s hit around to the boot of the camera and see how practical it is back there.

France in regards the Toyota Camry and while I think the 2020 top looks pretty good from the front and around the world read it there’s a little bit more visual bulk back here and a couple of weird details like these fake vents and some sort of read a few things that I don’t think it’s necessary on a car that’s got comfort orientations but anyway please let me know what you think of course because design is all subjective now popping the incredibly light boot all of the Cameri we find a 500 24 liters of space on offer and while there is a bit of that shallow load bay there’s not that much space to cram suitcases in it goes on forever it’s so deep in there you can slide stuff all the way forwards and it’s actually a pretty huge space and it’s yet handy to use there are a couple of niceties back here you’ve got these little pull tabs to drop the receipts for 3 leading all that you have to jump in quite a long way to then push that 6 forwards and then under the boot floor you’ve got not much in the way of storage but you do have a space saver spare tire and some cute to change that if you need and that’s pretty much it for the can reboot it’s big but there’s not much content back here there’s also a couple little shopping bag hooks but there’s 9 minutes to speak of in this accent sport model such that shot that and head out on the road in the 2020 Toyota Camry.

Toyota Camry Hybrid 2020

Right now we get into the real nuts and bolts of this review and that is out driving impressions of the Toyota Camry now could not you guys as I mention in the interior section this is just the 2021 it’s not the 2021 can read it will be coming very shortly now the reason I mention that is because this hybrid model gets only the nickel metal hydride battery it doesn’t get the upgraded lithium ion 200 59 volt battery that will be coming very shortly however the differences between this guy and if each cop pretty soon you’ll get a better ET on the range and better holding capability of battery charge but it doesn’t increase the power of the outputs remain the same from this combination of 2.5 later petrol engine and the series parallel electric night out which is 160 kilowatts that sent to the front wheels by a CVT automatic gearbox is calm there are a couple of other engine options available for the Cameri this engine a line without electric assistance and it’s a little bit more affordable 0 33 kilowatts and 200 21 you need is a talk about what the outlets are weights just points earned want to see if you can I would really recommend pushing up to the hybrid powertrain because it’s just a lot more finding a way to live is pal and it works well with the CVT automatic gearbox the 2.5 just gets a standard tool combat units there’s also a 3.5 later V. 6 which makes a little bit more power and 200 26 kilowatts and 350 new meters thereabouts.

But that engine is a lot fast yeah and I think it goes against the very hot modus operandi via Cameri which is to be affordable and simple to run. Gets a 20 liters per 0 kilometers claim to where this cognizable point to it is 100 now during our test weight but the Cameri we haven’t quite hit that target figure of 4.2 liters per 0 at the moment sitting at 5.4 liters per 0 but still 5.4 liters per 0 it’s nothing to be sniffed at and I think it just makes it so much more affordable to run and I don’t. There is an Eevee only mode where you can lock the battery came to power the car line that works below 50 case an hour unfortunately and it’s just enough to get this camera moving it’s not quite enough to sort of give any pet side as soon as you press 6 all right up for that and you know it’s sort of a set up that way the petrol motor has to kick in on fortunately but you know it’s not a plug in hybrid it’s just a series parallel hybrid and certainly not an electric car there’s also economic aid which I find delzell stroll response massively nobles the best balance sport gives you a little bit more for response for a twisty road or if you need to get a quick get away from the lights and around town is kind of where these cameras feels the most comfortable thanks to its suspension check.

A Toyota noted to discuss going to spend a lot of its timing and settings in the state for change the dampers and spring package to be a little bit more plush little bit more comfortable and I would say it’s bordering on plush as far as cars get it feels pretty luxurious around town the suspension never really jolts and you can take speed humps and potholes with that really have to worry about it. Unfortunately the trade off with that soft city suspension is on country roads like this one I can we can start to feel a little bit on the dam to little bit floating certainly made correspondence can feel like they upset the car a little bit more is it sort of rolls and boxes but I mean that’s always gonna be the trade off and frankly the Camry isn’t it background basta and it doesn’t have any real intentions of being one is definitely designed to be freezing and loading along back country roads to which is really really good that long wheelbase really does mean that all 4 wheels sort of take it natural comfortable stance on on 7 and I’ve been flying roads and the balance of this car is a very very pleasant.

There’s a neutrality tending to gentle understated but it does allow me to win the corrections with a little lift of the throttle and you can have a little bit of fun in the back right as I said before it’s best not pushing into hot but you can feel the talent underneath is is inherent the Michelin primacy are really good mixed in this car as well now for a really nice progress breakaway and they’re very comfortable and pretty well refined time that sort of brings me on to engage and generally on the whole the Cameri is good it’s not good S. class levels refinement but then again you don’t expect that to something you’re paying $30000 for money little gripe on or find it sometimes the wind noise can generate into a little sort of high pitched whistle which can be a little bit annoying bye it’s no problem once you turn the speakers up and the stereo covers most of that not that it’s particularly amazing stereo but it does the job.

Toyota Camry Hybrid 2020

Now that brings us to the least of the Camry safety features which it does get 5 stars however it was put through the angkat procedure back in 2017 which is less stringent testing actually as you would expect and what we have today and that means it’s Khamis’s out on a couple of things like blind spot monitoring lane keep assist is pretty weak as well and there’s no junction 8 days 16 S. model however it does get to it as smart sense safety suite that includes adaptive cruise control from the $33000 price model car which I think is pretty impressive you also get the goodies like 7 SRS airbags now the parking sensors which is standard on this accent sport model number on the ascent of front and rear items but they couldn’t really really light and they kind quite harshly a little lace and bear all now where you can see just how close you have to get behind before the census make any noise now maybe it’s just me but I think that’s pretty close for the parking sensors to stop making any noise so you can let me know in the comments what you think below should I be able to pocket calling them parking sensors it probably and I can but you know it’s just I would prefer if they came in a little bit early and a little bit so but you know that’s all refinement stuff that you probably get used to talking to Scott because the reversing camera is a little bit grainy but clear enough and has has lines that may have to assist you get into a parking spot site overall the Camry is and more talented vehicle than you expect I carried a baby and you can certainly enjoy it on a nice flying country right it’s not going to be your experience too much it’s certainly better than the cameras involved.

So it does out detailed opinions all the 2020 Toyota Camry there are still a couple of issues with this cod mainly the small and like the infotainment system and sort of unpleasant interior fabrics however at least the infotainment system will be addressed for the next update as for the rest this condo at 30 $8000 to drive away price for this accent sport it actually represents excellent value in the Toyota range especially when compared to some of its statewide like the new Yaris which is shot up in price massively in the last 6 months now there’s also heaps of space on offer and there’s a load like running costs thanks that hybrid powertrains

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