This Is Why People Love Ferrari F40

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A body at the cutting edge of technology

The F40 appeared for Ferrari’s 40th anniversary. It remains one of the only Ferraris whose name does not describe the engine displacement that equips it.old ferrari f40 Released in 1987, it was the last project wanted by Enzo Ferrari. 1315 examples were built.

Designed by Pininfarina, the F40 stands out from its predecessors by its massive and brutal line. In its day, the old ferrari f40 lm was the most powerful production Ferrari ever built. To achieve this result, the engineers chose to use a tubular chassis, covered with body parts made of composite materials. The doors weigh only 1.5 kg and the engine hood 3.7 kg. The weight of the car in running order does not exceed 1100 kg. The combination of carbon and kevlar was a rarity in 1987. One of Ferrari’s stated objectives was to oppose a resolutely sporty model to the technological innovations of the Porsche 959, which appeared in 1983. old FERRARI F40

An uncluttered interior

In the cabin, everything is focused on efficiency. The bucket seats are equipped with a four-point harness that faces a sporty steering wheel. The clutch and gearshift are renowned for their firmness, while the standard windows only offer a small sliding opening, just like racing cars. To get out of the cockpit, the doors only offer a cord to control their opening. The only (necessary) concession to comfort is the adoption of air conditioning, which reduces the heat coming from the engine compartment.

An engine and outstanding performance

The heart of the F40 rests under a gigantic hood, whose plexiglass window allows you to observe the red painted cylinder heads. It’s not a V12 that drives the beast, but a state-of-the-art twin-turbo V8. While its displacement does not exceed 3.0 liters, its performance is exceptional, with 478 horsepower at 7,000 rpm and 58.8 kilos of torque from 4,000 rpm. This V8 engine propels the F40 from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.1 seconds and knocks down the 1000m from a standing start in 21.8 seconds. Maximum speed is 324 km/h.

Engagement in competition

The F40 has had several versions for the circuit. Named F40 LM and GTE, these last ones were engaged in IMSA or BPR championship. The F40 has also raced in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, including a 9th place in 1996. A result obtained four years after the end of its production.

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