The Myths And Realities Of BMW IX 2021

BMW iX (2021) SUV
BMW iX (2021) SUV
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BMW wants to seduce a new generation of customers with the iX, so it’s tackling its loyal customers.

BMW is electric, BMW is young, BMW is cool and forward-looking. This is the message that the communications team of the venerable German manufacturer, founded in 1916, wants to convey as it begins the electrification of its range on a larger scale.

Add to this the unconsensual design of the brand’s latest models, with the grille of the new 4-Series as a focal point, and most recently the look of the bmw iX, the newly unveiled “zero-emission” luxury SUV. So to build its new image and defend its aesthetic choices at the same time, BMW is playing it “generation Z” and “millenials” BMW iX 2021 SUV .In response to an Internet user who invited BMW to “go back to making BMWs” as a commentary on a video presentation of the iX, the Munich-based firm gratified him on Twitter with an “ok, Boomer”. This expression,

which has become recurrent on the Internet over the past year, is generally used pejoratively by some representatives of the younger generation to the attention of “baby boomers” born after the Second World War, often to reproach them for not taking into consideration current ecological and societal issues.

Clarifying and disruptive, BMW

BMW’s strategy clearly shows that, like most of its competitors, the Bavarian brand seeks to appeal to a younger clientele. The choice of a confrontational approach playing on the “clash” between generations may come as a surprise, however, given that, according to several studies, buyers of new BMWs have an average age of around 50.

And it could be that someone at BMW became aware of this a few days after the virtual exchange mentioned above, since the manufacturer published an apology tweet to the attention of “boomers” who had expressed their vexation, assuring Internet users that it was listening to everyone regardless of their age. Attracting new customers while caring for its loyal customers is obviously not the easiest of tasks.9

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