The McLaren Elva 2020 As if You Were There!

McLaren Elva (2020)
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VIDEO: Take a full lap in McLaren Elva, with 815 hp at the rear and 0 windshield at the front.

McLaren is one of the manufacturers who a few days ago participated in Goodwood SpeedWeek, an event replacing the Goodwood Festival Of Speed and Goodwood Revival 2020 cancelled in their usual form due to the coronavirus pandemic. The British firm had brought the Elva for some demonstrations.

Kenny Bräck, McLaren’s chief test driver, drove a few fast laps on the historic Goodwood circuit at the wheel of the speedster. One of these laps was filmed with an onboard camera. The British two-seater is powered by an 815hp 4L twin-turbo mid-rear V8 engine, which promises to be the lightest road-going McLaren in history and, speedster obliges, does not require a windshield. Watch the video. Beware, it’s a mess!

Guaranteed racing atmosphere

The car’s architecture, with its short front hood and fully open bodywork, gives the impression of sitting in a high-powered go-kart. This “racing” atmosphere is reinforced by the omnipresent sound of the V8. The final technical specifications and performance of the McLaren Elva have not yet been released.

However, this should not be long in coming, as the development of the car is nearing completion, with the first customers due to be delivered before the end of this year. Of the owners, there were initially expected to be 399. McLaren has since reduced that number to 249, and only 149 at last count. This exclusivity also comes at a price, with the Elva claiming a minimum of €1,709,244.

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