The Global Toyota 2021 Review Concerns

Toyota RAV4
Toyota RAV4
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Toyota has expanded its list of vehicles that have been hit by global feedback due to fuel pump problems. The number of such vehicles has increased to 5.84 million, most of which (3.34 million) are in the United States.

Toyota RAV4

The Japanese company first reported the problem in January 2020. According to the manufacturer’s information, the fuel pump may have started working with interruptions or failed at all. As a result, the thrust or the engine was deaf. In some cases, the car could be restarted; in others, it was not successful. An error message was lit up on the dashboard.

According to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the problem may be due to a fuel pump manufacturing error. Some elements are believed to have been “subjected to solvent drying” for too long, and eventually, after a while, the blades deform and the device fails.

If the defect manifests itself at high speed and the engine shuts down, the simultaneous failure of the power steering and brakes can lead to a serious accident.

The following Toyota vehicles have been recalled:

,Toyota RAV4 2021
Toyota Corolla 2020,
Toyota Highlander 2016-2019,
Toyota Sienna 2018-2020,
Toyota 4Runner, Land Cruiser 2013-2014, 2019-2020,
Toyota Avalon, Camry, Corolla, Sequoia, Tacoma, Tundra 2018-2020.
The same problem affects Lexus:

Lexus LS460, GS350 2013-15,
Lexus IS-F 2014,
Lexus GX460, IS 350, LX570 2014-15,
Lexus NX200t, RC 350 2015,
Lexus IS 200t, RC 200t, GS 200t 2017,
Lexus GS 350 2017-2019,
Lexus RX 350 2017-2020,
Lexus GS 300, GX 460, IS 300, , LS 500h, LX 570, RX 300, RC 350 2018-2020,
Lexus ES 350, LC 500h, LS 500, RX 350L 2019-2020,
Lexus UX 200 2020.

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