The First Official images Of The Future Hyundai Tucson 2021

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Launched in September 2015 and restyled in March 2018, the third Hyundai Tucscon of the name is about to be replaced by a new generation whose presentation will be broadcast online on September 15, after only five years of loyal service.

Used to replacing its models very quickly, Hyundai doesn’t let them age. Indeed, while the current Tucson hadn’t even blown out its five spark plugs, the brand had already given us a taste of its successor at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show, thanks to its Vision T plug-in Hybrid SUV Concept with the promise of breaking the rather wise lines that characterize the South Korean compact SUV today. The manufacturer’s first official photographs confirm that the production model will be true to the style study when it is unveiled on September 15.


Totally different look
If it is for the moment a simple very dark “teaser”, it still lets us appreciate the design of the front, with new light signatures, called “parametric dynamics” by the brand. The lights will be integrated into a full-length grille covering a good part of the bow. This fourth Tucson will thus be closer to the latest Tucson products. The rear end will also be radically changed, with a wide, fashionable strip of light across the tailgate. The overall appearance of the vehicle is more angular than its predecessor. The changes will be at least as noticeable inside. The illustration on the dashboard hints at a more qualitative and technological interior. The large touch screen will be significantly larger and integrated lower in the center console, while the digital instrumentation, recently adopted by the little brother Kona, will obviously be part of the package. From now on, visit our website on September 15 to find out everything you need to know about this new Tucson, which will be available in 2021.


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