The New EQA Concept 2022- An Electrically Powered Athlete.

EQA Concept 2022
EQA Concept 2022
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With the EQA Concept, the electric offensive continues: by 2022, Mercedes-Benz Cars will offer ten all-electric vehicles on the market.

EQA Concept 2022
The electrically propelled athlete is equipped with electric motors at the front and rear axles delivering a combined power of more than 200 kW. The road handling of the all-wheel drive model can be modified by means of a predominantly front- or rear-mounted torque distribution. The EQA Concept with a unique virtual grille indicates the chosen program.

Nearly 400 kilometers of range.

Thanks to the intelligent energy management strategy developed by Mercedes-Benz, the EQA Concept offers a range of up to 400 kilometers, depending on the capacity of the installed battery. The highly efficient lithiumion battery with pouch cells is supplied by the Daimler subsidiary Deutsche ACCUMOTIVE.

Thanks to the modular construction, the innovative battery systems have a model-specific total capacity of more than 60 kWh. The EQA Concept can be recharged inductively or via a wall-mounted housing, but is also pre-equipped for the use of a quick charger. The vision behind public charging stations is called “seamless charging”: this Mercedes-based service allows me to fill up at a wide variety of charging stations and pay without difficulty.

Plastic language focused on sensual purity.

At the same time, the EQA Concept is an example of the systematic refinement of the plastic language of sensual purity: the mouldings and lines are significantly reduced. The lighting technology with its laser fibers particularly emphasizes this new electric aesthetic. An active laser support is integrated in the center of an optical fiber. The attractive spiral-shaped light signature embodies the electrical philosophy in that it is reminiscent of the copper coil of an electric motor and allows the visualization of electrical impulses in the animation.

High running dynamics thanks to different driving programs.

The two driving programs Sport and “Sport Plus” offer a different distribution of torque between front and rear and thus allow the driver to choose his or her individual driving style.

The Black-Panel surface at the front acts as a virtual grille and changes its appearance depending on the chosen driving program. In Sport mode, the front grille features a shiny, horizontally positioned fender, while in Sport Plus mode, the grille features Panamericana-style vertical bars.

EQ: the new brand dedicated to electromobility.

EQ offers a complete electromobility ecosystem that includes products, services, technologies and innovations ranging from electric vehicles to household electric batteries, wall-mounted boxes and recharging services. EQ means for Electric Intelligence, a name deriving from the Mercedes-Benz values of emotion and intelligence. The new brand brings together all the essential aspects of user-friendly electric mobility beyond the vehicle itself

The future models will embody the essence of modern electric mobility a combination of emotional and intelligent design, unprecedented driving pleasure, excellent suitability for everyday use and maximum safety, which is characteristic of all vehicles produced by the inventor of the automobile. The first series model of the new EQ product brand, the EQC, will be produced from 2019 onwards at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Bremen. It will be derived from the EQ Concept presented last year in Paris.

Reload in less than 10 minutes.

The vehicle can be charged inductively or via a wall-mounted charging unit, but is also pre-equipped for use with a quick charger.

10 min

Charging time

100 km

of autonomy

With a quick-charging terminal, it takes less than 10 minutes to recharge the EQA Concept so that it has a range of 100 km again. In addition to in-house development and production competence and the modular strategy for alternative drives, Daimler AG’s philosophy is also to ensure direct access to the key components of electromobility.


Mercedes Universe: EQA Concept

In the future, power supply will be even more convenient thanks to intuitive load management and intelligent gas station search. With Mercedes me based charging, the customer remains in the Mercedes-Benz electromobile ecosystem and is offered all services from a single source.

Branched network of charging stations.

Intelligently connected charging solutions are an essential part of Mercedes-Benz Cars’ electromobility offensive, since customer acceptance in the electromobility sector is closely linked to the availability of a branched network. For this reason, Daimler AG became a majority shareholder of the American charging solution provider ChargePoint Inc. in spring 2017.

The aim of this strategic participation is to significantly expand the portfolio of intelligent charging solutions and to offer customers a comprehensive premium offering in the area of electric mobility.

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