The Best Selling Vehicles In The United States In 2020

Ford F-150 2020
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There were 17.1 million vehicles registered in the United States in 2020, down 1.4%. Ford remains the best-selling brand ahead of Toyota and Chevrolet. The Ford F-Series pickup is the best-selling pickup on the market.
The U.S. automotive market remained above 17 million vehicles for the fifth consecutive year. In 2020, a total of 17.1 million cars were registered, down 1.4% from 2019. SUVs accounted for 49.5% of the market last year, while the share of sedans and coupes fell to 29.4%.

Leaders in retreat in 2020

Despite a decline in sales for several years, Ford has maintained its leadership in the U.S. automotive market:

1- Ford, 2.29 million units sold (-3.7%)
2- Toyota, 2.08 million (-2%)
3- Chevrolet (1.9 million; -3.7%).

The market’s top three brands posted declining sales in 2020.
Three pick-ups in the lead, the Tesla Model 3 at the foot of the top 25
Finally, the Ford F-Series pickup is still the

Top-selling pickup:

1- F-Series, 896,526 registrations in 2020 (-1.4%)
2- Ram pick-up (625,275 units; +16.4%),
3- Chevrolet Silverado (572,991; -2.2%).

The Tesla Model 3 ranked 26th in 2020 with more than 150,000 units sold. The all-electric sedan is expected to enter the top 25 in 2021.

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