The 14 SUVs That Will Score 2021

Mercedes EQA
Mercedes EQA
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The year 2021 is approaching, and with it comes its share of novelties. Among them, the SUV category will continue to be the talk of the town, including hybrids and electric vehicles. Here are the models not to be missed.

 Nissan Ariya.

SUVs continue to have the wind in their sails, no matter who their detractors are! As proof: in September, they accounted for 41% of overall vehicle sales in France, despite the many criticisms they receive. The figures are there, and they are indisputable. This craze is not about to wane since, at the dawn of this new year, we have counted no less than 15 new products that are coming onto the market and should be attractive. Contrary to what some people think, they are not all huge, heavy and greedy. Manufacturers are increasingly diversifying their offer with a choice of models: urban, affordable, electric, plug-in hybrids, coupes, family and chic. In short, there’s something for every taste.

BMW iX3 \ March 2021

Take an X3, add a 286 hp electric motor and 80 kWh battery, fill up the nose, sprinkle a few touches of blue on the body and dashboard, and you get the iX3, BMW’s first all-electric SUV with a predicted range of 459 km. Price: from €72,950

Dacia Spring \\ October 2021

Dacia is entering the all-electric segment with the 3.74-metre-long, four-seat minicitadine, with its adventurous look. Derived from the Chinese Renault City K-ZE model, it features its 33 kW (45 bhp) electric motor and battery (26.8 kWh), with a promised range of 225 km. Above all, Dacia promises an unbeatable price (not yet revealed). Price: from €15,000* (excluding bonuses)

Fiat 500 X \\ June 2021

The second generation of this city SUV will be a little more muscular with a few more centimeters (around 4.30 m) and a stronger style. The 500 X will be inspired by the New 500 (electric) by its look and will adopt Jeep Renegade’s rechargeable hybrid engines (190 and 240 hp) (in addition to the classic thermal units). Price: from €22,000*.

Mercedes EQA \\ September 2021

Same principle as at BMW: after EQC (zero emission derivative of GLC), Mercedes converts its GLA to electric. Template (4.40 m long) and silhouette will be identical. Only a specific design of the stern and bow will differentiate them. For the moment, we are talking about a power of 200 kW (270 hp) and a range of 400 km. Price: from €40,000*.

Nissan Qashqai \\ April 2021

The third generation of the crossover pioneer changes its face with an enlarged V-shaped grille and refined, two-stage optics. The line also evolves with a more dynamic, leaking roof, while its length is expected to reach 4.45 m. Diesel engines will no longer be used, but the Qashqai will be offered as an e-power and plug-in hybrid. Price: from €25,000*.

Nissan Ariya \\ October 2021

Exclusively electric, this 4.60 m long family SUV boasts the identity of a crossover coupe. It is available in two and four-wheel drive, with two battery capacities (63 and 87 kWh), offering a range of 360 and 500 km and five electric motor powers: 218 and 242 hp for the tractions, 279, 306 and 394 hp for the e-4force versions (4 x 4). Price: from €45,000*.

Renault Kadjar \\ October 2021

Highly anticipated, the second generation of the Kadjar will be unveiled in the second half of 2021. Longer (more than 4.50 m), it will be modernized in every respect with a dynamic style and a move upscale in the cabin (materials and equipment). It will benefit from a new platform allowing hybridization (single, 140 hp, and rechargeable, 160 and 204 hp). Price: from €28,000*.

Renault Arkana \\ April 2021

The Losange’s first coupe SUV, 4.57 m long, inherits many of the elements of the Captur: its technical base, its face, its dashboard (with digital handset and touch screen from 7 to 9.3″/18 to 24 cm). It does not use diesel, but is equipped with the 1.3 TCe of 140 and 160 hp (micro-hybrid) and the 1.6 E-Tech 140 hp of the Clio (single hybrid). Price: from €32,000*.

Toyota Yaris Cross \\ April 2021

Unveiled last April, this city SUV takes over the base of the Yaris city car, its 116 hp hybrid block and its driving aids. Like it, it will be made in France. It stands out with its size (4.18 m or 24 cm more) and its look, closer to the Rav4. Rather rare in the category, this rival of the 2008 Peugeot and Renault Captur will be available in two and four-wheel drive. Price: from €25,000*.

Volkswagen ID4 \\ January 2021

With its simple design, sleek dashboard and generous interior space, VW’s first 100% electric compact SUV uses the same recipe as the ID3 city car. Only a 150 kW (204 hp) rear-axle unit and 77 kWh battery (range of 520 km) are announced, but other versions will follow (including a four-wheel drive with 300 hp). Price: from €40,000*.

Volkswagen Nivus \\ September 2021

It’s official, the T-Cross coupé will be available in France in one year. Already present in Brazil, under the name Nivus, it could be renamed T-Sport in Europe. Longer than a T-Cross (4.27, +16 cm), it will take over its technical base and engines (95 and 115 hp gasoline, 95 hp diesel). Price: from €21,000*.

Opel Mokka \\ February 2021

Endowed with a real personality, thanks in particular to its fine “Vizor” grille, the second-generation Mokka no longer has anything to do with its predecessor. Designed on the 2008 Peugeot platform, it benefits from the same gasoline (100 and 130 hp), diesel (110 hp) and electric (136 hp) engines.

Restyled Peugeot 3008 and 5008 \\ Already marketed

The star 3008 SUV and its seven-seat 5008 variant benefit from a highly visible restyling, especially from the front, with a redesigned grille that extends in the form of fins under the headlamps, and daytime running lights that look like fangs. The 130 and 180 hp units (gasoline and diesel) and the recent rechargeable hybrids (225 hp and 300 hp) are renewed.

Restyled Volkswagen Tiguan \\ Already marketed

The compact SUV receives a slight cosmetic update with refined optics and a redesigned grille/ash shield assembly. But the changes are mostly mechanical, with the arrival of a true bad-ass R version with 320 hp (2.0 turbo-powered) and a 245 hp rechargeable hybrid (GTE) engine.

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