Tesla: the autonomous driving option available on subscription in 2021

Tesla Model 3
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The option to take advantage of Tesla’s full Tesla autonomous driving capabilities may be available by subscription as early as next year.

As is often the case with Tesla, the information comes directly from Elon Musk’s Twitter feed. When asked if the “FSD” option (for Full Self-Driving or “Capacité de conduite entièrement autonome” in France) could, in the future, be available by subscription instead of purchase,

the CEO and founder of the brand answers right away: Absolutely, we will unveil this subscription option early next year.
Currently, the option costs €7,500 in France, making it the most expensive option on a Model 3, for example. This “fully autonomous” driving capability complements the standard “automatic pilot”, a kind of adaptive cruise control and helps keep the car in the lane. Taking the option allows you to let the car navigate the highway entirely on its own, even letting it handle overtaking and interchanges, park in a groin or slot, and react automatically to red lights and stop signs.

Convenient for long-term rental

So why make this option available on a subscription basis? This system would be advantageous for those who have taken their Tesla on a LLD or LOA. They will then not have to pay the full price of the option, but will still be able to take advantage of it when the vehicle is in their possession. This option being entirely software-based, it can already be taken retroactively.

In practice, the subscription should be annual, which would be less financially advantageous for a long-term owner than buying the option when the car is ordered.

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