Subaru BRZ (2022): An image And A Date!

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Subaru unveils a new look for the upcoming BRZ coupe and announces its launch date. It’s coming soon.

Subaru unveils a new partial image of the next BRZ, this time without any camouflage. The image allows us to see the front right headlamp assembly of the coupe. We notice that the sporty Japanese car abandons its tapered lights in favor of a more “friendly” look that is a little closer to the look of the Porsche 718 or Alpine A110. The BRZ has a “C” shaped light signature.
We also note a sculpted hood without being tortured with a marked hollow between the wheel arch and the central part of the hood as well as some edges breaking the gentle curves to give character to the whole.

Subaru BRZ (2022)

See you on November 18th
Subaru confirms that the next BRZ will remain a rear-wheel drive, but still doesn’t reveal anything about its powertrain. We can expect to find a flat four-cylinder engine with over 200 hp under the hood; nothing is said about the eventual arrival of supercharging. Remember that this BRZ is being developed like its predecessor with Toyota, which will launch the GT86’s replacement.

Subaru BRZ (2022)

Subaru announces the date of the complete presentation of the second BRZ: it will be on Wednesday, November 18. See you in less than two weeks to find out everything!

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