Porsche: Secret Concept Cars To Be Unveiled in 2021

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Porsche is about to unveil at least two concept cars that have remained secret until now.

Porsche 988 Vision Concept

Not all the concept cars and prototypes developed by the manufacturers are presented to the public. Some, because the development of a production model was aborted, remain well-kept secrets for years before their existence is made public. Porsche is about to unveil concept cars that were designed some time ago but have so far remained behind the doors of its design studio in Weissach.

The manufacturer has just announced it on Instagram with a teaser image showing what looks like a speedster from behind. The lines are futuristic and the stern seems to evoke the old 911 but it is probably a car paying tribute to the 550 spyder. Indeed, the manufacturer says that this concept is inspired by the racing cars of the 1950s that shone in the Carrera Panamericana race, as well as a car known to have been that of James Dean. It’s hard to make it any clearer.

porsche unseen vision spyder1

A speedster and a supercar

Porsche accompanied this announcement with the hashtag #porscheunseen and several Internet users attached it to visibly fugitive images, which show more about these mysterious concept cars. One of them shows the front part of this speedster, with an angular design and vertical front lights unusual for Porsche, as well as a front hood and hollowed-out flanks.

Porsche has also announced a supercar concept derived from a car that won the Le Mans 24 Hours race (probably the 919 Hybrid) and designed for use on a racetrack. The car features wide, hollowed-out rear wings reminiscent of the Lotus Evija, connected by a light strip incorporating the lights as on a 911 above a two-part diffuser. According to some social network publications, Porsche could unveil more of them as early as November 12.

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