Nissan Z Proto 2021: 400Z Detailed P review

Nissan Z Proto 2021
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On somebody this is chasing because in today’s a good day if you’re a fan of news and sports cars because off to 12 years they finally have and use that card to show us kind of what they do have is Zaid protest which is basically a final stage prototype of the forthcoming car that we think will probably be cold the 400 said they’re calling it the 300 03 interns that X. would probably make more sense because 1 thing we know that it will have is a 3 liter twin turbo V. 6 a confirm 6 speed manual and also an optional automatic transmission and for now we only know that it’s coming as a rear wheel drive coupe Hey and it looks pretty cool like

Nissan Z Proto 2021  this in this incredible vibrant shade all the yellow and today’s video I’m gonna take you through everything we know about the new decent Zaid proto and when we expected to hit Australia but first I’m gonna eat this little Zedd called gingerbread that Nissen said top to really sweeten today to make. But just because they send me gingerbread doesn’t mean we’ll be any easier on the Zedd product well this may be a very cool retro meets postmodern rear drive V. 6 manual prepay we always need to bring a critical eye to what we do to that end is this really a new car that’s a question I took to Neeson’s global performance cop product manager today and while there are plenty of eye catching you features outside the said proto it’s clear from the interior the way dealing with the platform

that at least partially carries over identical interior door cards very similar cabin architecture and even a nearly identical gloss house gives away that the 400 said white be all new old you that being said it’s very hard to blame this in for wanting to drive more value from some of the outgoing 370 Zeds existing compliance first actual buyers of almost deserted this cost when the originals that call launched 2 door cars sold very strongly and that popularity held up in the eighties nineties and even the first decade of the 2 thousands however with the rise of the S. U. V. fewer and fewer people buy into a personal sports car like this plenty say they’ll buy it but not many do.

What’s very clear though is that whatever carries over from the existing car will be changed and strengthened to cope with a very different beast in the 400 said if that’s what it is cold in the end for starters the engine will likely be a total animal compared to the outgoing 3.7 liter naturally aspirated V. 6 cylinder count an arrangement will remain the 2 turbo charges will be added and the displacement will fall to 3 rate is even today it was confirmed that a 6 speed manual will remain the standard gearbox well in order medic will be an option.

Nissan Z Proto 2021 BPower and torque outputs have not yet been concerned but we believe this engine is Nissen’s VR 30 D. D. T. T. which ranges between 200 and 24 kilowatts or 300 horsepower and 298 kilowatts or 400 horsepower in existing Infiniti usage today the Rushey Tamara the boss of GTR nismo suggested that it isn’t really the amount of power that matters for his ID card but instead the balance and ability of this card to put the talk to the road in an engine of the style and we think it will produce about 500 Newton meters and that will match

the Toyota supra which is a key rival obviously you know it’s easy to make platitudes about balance and handling but when you decide to put a twin turbo V. 6 into a car like this clearly performance is going to be key in with the super often running 0 climbing a proud time in under 4 seconds there will be pressure on this said to compete this adds retro styling outside is striking as far as I’m concerned and mold and paint technologies have allowed Neeson to give this car a far more vivid yellow here a color in the 3 hundreds and acts of the nineties which had a more muted yellow inside does it produce an interesting mix of all the new old well we’d recognize those 2008 vintage doors anyway it’s the new stuff that is more eyecatching including the modern entertainment and standard digital driver display

that is that pro retains the triple performance been who read outs above the central touchscreen and lateral events there’s a new steering wheel for this ad product with a lovely little airbag cover and almost missed Sadie’s bins ask spoke design well the central slight touch screen is neatly integrated and avoids the stock on iPad look of many modern era because as to when we should see the production version of the 400 sandal 300 said ex so whatever does it produce ends up being no. N. as in the real world I anticipate we will see it before the end of 2021 what is that guests come from well today Timmer son indicated that we should look at the gap between the G. T. R. pro so if 2005 and the R. 35 GT R. that we sold about a year off to that car with very few design changes so what do you think of the Nissen said pressure what do you hope they’ll change for the production model which will probably say next year or have they nailed this foreshadowing preview of the 400 sent them a note or thoughts down below in the comments

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