Mercedes EQR
Mercedes EQR

Mercedes EQR 2030 : an overpowering electric SUV on the way?

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Mercedes and AMG would work on a powerful and luxurious electric SUV that could be called EQR.

Could the Mercedes R-Class make a comeback? According to British journalists from Car magazine, the letter “R” which designated the unique and luxurious minivan marketed by the brand with the star between the 2000s and early 2010 should soon be back in the range. But it would be used to name, as you may have guessed, an SUV.
The SUV in question would top off the manufacturer’s all-wheel drive lineup. This project would be born under the GLR name and overseen by Mercedes-AMG, like the next SL, and then put aside from the time Tobias Moers headed up the tuner.

The man having recently left to take over the helm of Aston Martin, the development of the vehicle would have been relaunched with a major change: the vehicle would be 100% electric and would therefore be called EQR.

More than 1,000 hp on the program?

Mercedes EQR
Mercedes EQR

The EQR would take up the aesthetic language of the other EQ models, notably the EQC, and could display a coupe profile. In its top-of-the-range configuration, it would draw 1,020hp and 1,350Nm of torque from its three electric motors.

The front unit would have a single ratio transmission while the rear unit would have a two-speed gearbox, a transmission configuration already adopted by the Taycan Porsche (twin-engine). The battery would have a capacity of 105 kWh.

The EQR would logically use the modular EVA platform recently announced by Mercedes for its future large electric models. This architecture will be inaugurated in 2021 by the EQS sedan, to be followed by the EQS-SUV.

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