Mercedes-Benz A250e 2021 Review: A-Class hybrid

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this is the new Mercedes Benz 8 to 58 plug in hybrid and this car is important for a few reasons firstly it allows mistake he spends customers to jump into electrification for way less money than buying these brands EQC fully electric SUV yeah we see this thing still has a combustion engine is not a full battery electric vehicle but it does have a usable range from its plug in electric motor 60 kilometers of range plus because this is a plug in hybrid that pays a 1.3 litre petrol engine with a decently beefy electric motor combined outputs the really basic 60 kilowatts of power and 450 need made as a tool I mean this thing actually offers a pretty decent turn of speed and you can get into it under $70000.

so to me that’ll sounds interesting but we need to work out Hey where they sing lives up to the band’s name in terms of how good the interior is the how it drives and see how usable is it really intensive being perhaps your first electrified com and if he does it’s pretty usable because you know a rare instance for a plug in hybrid and this one actually support the DC fast charging to 22 kilowatt hours which is really quite useful next up let’s check out the interior.

Mercedes-Benz A250E

So what’s the A. 258 lock on the inside because this car has a bit of a hard job the elephant in the room is that at about 69 grand drive away you’re actually not that far off a Tesla model 3 of course the fully electric vehicle intensive process that’s going to cost you around 10 grand more for a reasonably spots in model 3 now this is a Mercedes Benz somewhat argue there’s additional brand image data for this call and of course being a plug in hybrid you have the benefit of easy range from the combustion engine that can be filled up in just a couple of minutes as opposed to a navy which is gonna take 1520 minutes plus even for the really fast charging ones in an ideal environment

so you can let me know down below in the comments how your thinking about that kind of value proposition all leave the philosophizing out to you guys for me does this feel like a 69 grand a class well perhaps not quite 69 grand but it doesn’t feel too far off the new A. cost has a really nice interior pretty much no matter which model you go full and that applies to be a 258 now there are a couple of options that you might want to take if you want to bring this car up to the standard of of kind of as good as it can be this 1 is actually almost devoid of options sorry for example these are key because seats are not leather thank let up they comfortable this cycle the material feels pretty convincing but they they don’t live there and they don’t have electric adjustment

so we only have manual adjustment here for both of the state’s electric llamado we have no heated seats cooled seats you can add stuff like that in it with option packages thankfully the necessities bands has made the top T. infotainment package standard in Australia so we have tween large wide screens up here this 1 controls your navigation multimedia telephone aid where is the front 1 is mainly based around driver information but they hugely customisable they control with track pads here on the wheel 1 for each grade there is a bit of a learning curve to the system but it’s well worth taking the time to learn.

Because it’s a really in depth beta software and very powerful and what it’s able to do we also have a trackpad down here between the seats that works well on the move I find not quite as well as the old rotary dials however when the Sadies have made a huge step popping in you a cost is in terms of interior quality the Obamas full of plastic the new one has stepped up the perception a lost much nicer materials on the doors and on the – and this is at least a few fake costs of June now from the new generation and quality on the road is really good normal rattles or creaks coming from and I cost which is really nice suing the steering wheel here base we offer in a cost

Mercedes-Benz A250E

you know it’s nice it’s leather wrap it’s a circle which I know a lot of people process enters a practicality it’s pretty good we got 2 Cup holders here wireless charging USB C. ports only in this car and a little being here between the states plus a big door bins so what Salak also you can choose other colors and trims inside he don’t have to go all black this one ‘s just a classic silver over black configuration so that’s up front let’s have a look at the backseat. No expectations aren’t too high this is only a cost you know it’s Mercedes Benz is smallest vehicle and I don’t think many people are going to be putting told teenagers in the back of one all that often but if you do have to it’s actually not that bad I’m 6 foot headroom is fine for me we don’t have a sunroof in this car that would hurt if we had one but I think I still feed legroom I’ve got another inch and Tiree music festival now the bench itself is pretty late

so I wouldn’t want to do a road trip in the back of the net costs but as occasional transport it’s perfectly workable what else we got back here well the soft materials do extended the back door that’s more than we can say something like a Volkswagen go for example we have a flip down arm rest here with 2 Cup holders always quite a nice luxury to have but disappointingly for a car that’s almost $70000 on the ride no events in the second right we do have a flip down panel with 2 more USB C. ports patch you can get like USB C. powered fans maybe that’s what you’re expected to do here I don’t act that was that was a joke but all I’m saying is as an occasional backstage you know it’s perfectly workable what about boot space we need to have a look at that because the battery and motor actually takes up some of it. Here around the back of the 805080 it’s all pretty ordinary Hey cost we do have an E. badge here which is the only thing that’s going to signify from the back that you are in the electrified 1 of course we have a hybrid tag there on this Victorian number plates but the other difference is a bit less cargo space manual tailgate that’s fine as you can see we’ve got a lot of stuff in here

so it’s not like drastic or anything but we have 310 liters of space in the back of the I. class that’s down a little bit just over 10 percent compared to the normal let your Friday costs and for reference I call like a Volkswagen golf has 380 liters of space so it’s it’s not terrible the floor is a little higher we don’t have a spare in this cop because the battery takes up the space where all of a sudden cabins would really be sitting doggy interview but as a in town runabout as a call that you’ll stick around the suburbs you know for your commute it really does make a lot of sense plus there isn’t a hugely PA there is a bit of storage B. cables included intends a little bag and a nice substantial CAGR covered as well now if you do need a bit more space you can get the I. 25080 in the A. class sedan format which sees the big capacity rise to 300 55 latest but of course you don’t have the practicality of the extended serve wagon body you get get a hatchback.

Sir what’s the plugin I cost like to drive well this is actually quite a charming small cada drive and it’s significantly better than the other versions of the I. costs that solely run on the 1.3 litre turbocharged 4 cylinder engines that’s a 180 and a 200 this call also uses that engine but because it has the benefit of the electric motor and battery it’s a lot more find you need to use that engine a lot less when you are driving this car in a traditional kind of hybrid sense it just has a lot more talk to tap into so it doesn’t seem as breathless

Mercedes-Benz A250E

so I just have to work as high knows it stressed the gearbox is much it’s actually a different gear box in the hybrid compared to the A. 1 AT and a 200 M. Sadie’s badges this at a 25080 because it’s seen as more or less on par with the H. 350 combustion version which makes 100 65 kilowatts of power and 350 need made as of toll he in the H. 25018 the combined power figure he’s 160 kilowatts of power and 450 need made as a tool that’s when you’ve got a nicely juiced battery and you tapping into the throttle in a big way and it’s using bikes a 1.3 liter engine and the electric motor and battery in hybrid at the same time and yet there are occasions where you can do that if you put the car into sport mode and your excellent right away from the lights this is a pretty fast caught however I don’t tend to think that is the way most people really use a plug in hybrid to me the beauty of a call like this is that for your commute during the week you can run it on electric only pal and that’s especially the case because the battery in this vehicle is relatively generous for small plug in hybrid and then on the weekend if you want to take a trip out in the country you can run it in battery save or even without any juice in the battery and you can use the traditional petrol engine and of. What’s your range for the petrol engine is you know more or less unlimited because it’s you know it’s so easy to find had just station it only takes a couple of minutes to fill up with petrol call.

That being said there are complications to all of that but most of them work out in the H. 250 eighths favor the first 1 is charging it with electricity to run during the week in the scenario that I’ve just described out of the box this guy’s an AC charger and you’ll more or less keep plugging it in overnight 9 to get the 60 kilometers an official range about 50 kilometers is this because a real range now you can upgrade the cost of 1500 Bucks to the DC charging package and that is something that I absolutely would do first of all it doubles the theoretical spate of the AC charging so you can put in a 3 phase will box hi and now we’ll see the charging time and high and come down substantially to about an hour to haul so you could really do that between meetings all after dropping the kids off at school or something like that and that’s pretty convenient but what’s really good van is using 22 kilowatt DC fast charging that’s the maximum charging speed the DC fast charging near our office they have a 50 kilowatt and 2 350 kilowatts

so just using that 50 kilowatt you can recharge this because sort of 10.9 killed our usual battery in about 20 minutes 25 minutes and that is no time at all to put 60 case back into the car and then you’re off on your way again 0 tailpipe emissions the good thing is is that the AC 50 is really viable on electric power alone the motor produces 75 kilowatts of power and 300 Newton meters of torque by itself 75 kilowatts is reasonably modest but you know they’re a entry level Volkswagen polos and goals that make that amount of power but they said they don’t make 300 meters and that’s the figure that really matters when you’ll be celebrating away from the lights or just something you do a lot in town and I’m driving this car relatively athletically and electrical any militants never decided that it needs to bring in the petrol engine even in just comfort mode which is what it’s cost us in by default. It’s never keeps the engine on for me the 300 need medicines been off and I think that is really quite impressive now when you are using with the petrol engine it’s a little rough so that 1.3 lady unit could avail to Iran are not 1 of my favorite engines so I quite like the fact you don’t need to use it very much but it’s perfectly possible that the ride hailing is an interesting 1 the ride is more like an a 180 or a 200 8050 because we only have a torsion beam rear suspension here and that actually makes the 8058 of the crash she was involved.

Just to the rear and the front suspension on the A. class is pretty good the rear suspension with the torsion beam is just not very sophisticated the torsion beam isn’t a problem because of the pressure 308 get on fine with a torsion beam but usually in because like this where the torsion beam is the entry level suspension and multi link suspension is on the up spec because in this case the old drive a Colossus have multilingual iris in those circumstances the torsion beam is the Balkans and that’s absolutely the case it sadly doesn’t quite right like a mist eighties band should and that’s really the only thing that would hold me back on saying and a 258 is a really great Mercedes Benz because you know other ways this feels like a luxurious little call gray interior the steering is pretty nice pretty quick quite light very Mercedes ask the steering but the handling

Mercedes-Benz A250E

is sporty athletic group be agile funder Dr this platform is designed to accommodate the battery from the start it’s it’s down the back down later it actually gives this card I center of gravity low down and it shifts more the way to the race so it’s actually more balanced than the petrol engine 8 classes from a weight distribution point of view so it’s actually pretty well done just that torsion bar ride is a bit of an issue. It is a safety features it’s a bit of a mixed bag we don’t have it active cruise control for example as standard you can option that sort of thing in we do have lane keep assist that which is good with a blind spot monitoring we got a decent reversing camera but there are lots of options you can choose to be a cost to make this call more or less as luxurious and sophisticated as you would like.

Sir that’s a detailed look at in Yuma said he spends a 250 a plug in hybrid or see I reckon this is a really good step for the I. costs a call like this makes a lot of states with electrification I reckon the forthcoming H. Q. 8 which will be a full electric kind of either I should have the I. clock should be really exciting but it will also probably be quite expensive so as a middle ground the H. U. 58 under 70 grand drive away here in Australia makes a lot of states very lock Lukhan good amount of range drives pretty well as we found out side to me you know I think it’s worth considering if you are already going to be buying quite a nice day costume instead and you want to do Peter into electrification but I’m can you know you’ll thought does the value proposition he stack up let me know down below or are you looking at a plug in hybrid kind of quite to that 50 grand level something like unite ironic of course this does where the 3 pointed star so it costs more and lay down

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