Mercedes-AMG 2021: soon an exclusively sporty SUV

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AMG would prepare a muscular SUV that would not be a variant of a Mercedes model.

After the roadster GT coupe and the 4-door GT sedan, Mercedes-AMG would develop – you guessed it – an SUV. According to the Spanish journalists at, the brand’s starred tuner would be working on a muscular all-terrain vehicle that wouldn’t be derived from a model from the regular Mercedes range.
The size of the machine would situate it between a GLE and a GLS with a length of approximately 5m. It could combine a high beltline and a floating roof for a dynamic style reinforced by thinner headlights than on the current Mercedes SUVs. We can expect to find the Panamericana vertical slat grille dear to AMG. In addition, the vehicle would offer four seats.

What’s under the hood?

It’s hard to know at the moment what would be under the hood. Some type of jolt is not out of the ordinary in any case, as per the Iberian distribution, AMG’s SUV would not be a module mixture since this setup would be excessively hefty. It is expected to be introduced in 2023, and at that time, it’s not clear whether Affalterbach’s twin-turbo V8 will still be available. There are strong rumors of a hybrid four-cylinder for the upcoming C 63, so it’s possible that the SUV will have a more modest engine than today’s 100% AMG vehicles.

This model would contend with, among others, the Lamborghini Urus and the alleged BMW X8 M to come. Eventually, the Mercedes-AMG SUV could replace the 4-door GT.

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