McLaren Sabre 2021. As Powerful As it is Exclusive

McLaren Sabre 2021
McLaren Sabre 2021
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McLaren unveils the Sabre, whose V8 engine produces 835 hp and is limited to 15 units.The McLaren, which has been making regular news under the code name BC-03 for more than two years, has finally been unveiled, and is now called Sabre.

This model developed by the MSO (McLaren Special Operations) department of the manufacturer will be produced in only 15 units, all reserved, designed in collaboration with their buyers, and intended exclusively for the United States.
Its design is inspired by the Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo virtual concept car: from the front wings overhanging the headlights to the longitudinal aileron and the design of the rear aileron and diffuser. But contrary to the concept where the driver lies on his stomach, the Sabre driver sits in the traditional way.

Sharp as a blade

With an 835hp twin-turbo mid-rear V8, the Sabre is the most powerful 100% thermal McLaren in history. Its maximum torque of 800Nm is the same as that of a Senna. The Sabre is also the fastest two-seater McLaren, with a top speed predicted to be just above the 350km/h that the P1 was limited to.

McLaren did not reveal the price that the 15 preferred customers who were able to order a Sabre had to pay for it.

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