Maggiore 308M 2020 A Ferrari Modernized With Class

Maggiore 308M (2020)
Maggiore 308M (2020)
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Maggiore presents a modernized Ferrari 308 GTS that remains true to the spirit of the original model.

Maggiore 308M (2020)

The style of the Ferraris of the second half of the 1970s by Pininfarina is among the most iconic in the history of the automobile. Modifying it is a risky gamble, but Maggiore, a young Italian company, is now making a name for itself by modernizing a 308 GTS to create a particularly well-kept “restomod”. Maggiore was keen to respect the spirit of the original car, so the transformation might not appear at first glance.
Yet it is complete, not a single part of the car not having been given special attention. Externally, it is noticeable that the retractable lights incompatible with current homologation standards (we will come back to this later) have been abandoned in favor of horizontal LED strips that combine daytime running lights and turn signals.

The new halogen headlamps are housed above the front spoiler. All rocker panels have been redesigned. The tracks have been widened (+50mm at the front and +100mm at the rear) and the bodywork is entirely made of carbon fiber.

Behind the side windows, the new quarter panels integrate additional air intakes for the engine. The rear lights keep the shape of the original ones but are composed of “floating” LED elements for a modernized look. The rims have been enlarged from the original design.

Improved performance

While retaining its original design, the cabin has been completely redesigned with high-end materials. Leather, alcantara, aluminium and even marble, for the gear knob as a reminder of Maggiore’s Tuscan origins, are all there. But a high-fidelity audio system has been installed, as well as a head-up display discreetly mounted on the dashboard.

Maggiore 308M 2020

The V8 engine has passed through the hands of Italtecnica. Its displacement increased from 2,926cc to 3,146cc. It now develops 300hp at 7,000 rpm for a maximum torque of 300Nm at 5,500 rpm, of which 250Nm is available from 3,000 rpm.

Originally, this block provided 255hp at 7,500 rpm and 290Nm at 5,000 rpm. Each element of the powertrain has been improved or checked to ensure performance and reliability according to Maggiore. Resized brakes and new suspension with adjustable shock absorbers complete the mechanical panoply.

The 308M is to be marketed “in limited quantities”, hence the requirement for approval of the lights. Maggiore does not reveal the number of units planned or their price, but emphasizes that each customer will be able to benefit from extensive customization.

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