Lexus unveils its vision of the car of the future by 2030

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The Lexus LF-30 concept prefigures the car of the future by 2030. A fully autonomous, connected vehicle with a very innovative style. Discovery.

Science fiction movies lied to us: the car of the future will not fly! Not at Lexus in any case, which is presenting a prototype at the Tokyo Motor Show that prefigures its vision of the automobile in 2030. Named Lexus LF-30, this vehicle marks a real style break with today’s car. And for good reason: the engine – or rather the engines – take place in all four wheels, allowing for a completely independent all-wheel drive system. Fully electric, the LF-30 concept is powered by a battery that can be recharged while driving, thanks to induction technology.

Lexus 2029

To describe the interior, the term “cockpit” is preferred to “dashboard”. Indeed, the latter has disappeared, giving way to information centralized around the driver. All controls are tactile and can be activated by gestural actions. Comfortably installed in his cocoon, the front passenger also has a screen in front of him and is isolated from outside noise thanks to loudspeakers in the headrests with an “anti-noise” function. The passengers in the rear are not to be outdone. Indeed, the glass roof can be transformed into a touch screen and the display is customizable. The side windows even have a function to increase opacity.

Fully autonomous driving

LEXUS 2029

The Lexus LF-30 concept is of course completely self-contained. Specific exterior lighting signals to pedestrians when the automatic mode is activated, while the steering wheel disappears from the dashboard to free up space for the driver. When the car arrives at its destination, it can then park itself in its parking space, while a drone carrier, also autonomous, takes care of transporting the passengers’ suitcases. Who said that we would be assisted in the future?



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