Lexus LC 500 2020 Review

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On Sunday this is chasing because and this vehicle he is the stunning Lexus LC but this isn’t just any L. C. is the new L. C. 500 inspiration series which is a special version of the school just to to okay pay that commemorates Lexus’s thirtieth anniversary and how far this brand have com starting with their you know incredibly great first vehicle the LS sedan the range is now massive and includes the flagship sports car which I think is 1 of the best looking vehicles on the road the Lexus LC was previewed by a concept back in 2012 penned by the really skilled Toyota and Lexus design E.

Inkatha beyond I and I think you’ll agree with me that this vehicle is dating incredibly well in fact to me this vehicle is still looks like something from the future I think the sheer amount of people that look at it as it dries poss confirms that this is a fascinating vehicle to look at it’s also a really powerful 1 because under this luscious long bonnet we have 1 of the finest naturally aspirated engines and the build out 1 of the only atmospheric engines in the class 5 Lisa petrol V. 8 making 300 51 kilowatts of power but there is also a hybrid option now on the inspiration series you get is gorgeous cocky metal paint and you get a rich saddle brown interior which I think appeals to that hash tag green attend community. People who not only fully that Instagram account which is one of my favorite spot.

Lexus LC 500

Full Sir appreciate this sports because in a classic color combination just like the exterior of the LC 500 the interior is really something to behold it’s high end Japanese luxury in here which is not going to appeal to everybody there are some people out there who prefer the that I suppose conservatism all of its U. tonic interior and then there are those that think that in a $200000 sports car you want something which is a little bit more memorable and I think that I kind of agree with that latter clocks in a vehicle like this the interior the design easy out there bought it appeals to me and I think that it is very distinctive which suits the overall approach Lexus take to the LC so we have this broad dashboard I got a very cool effects sitting behind the glass we have stitched leather grab handles in fact stitched leather everywhere

it’s very luscious we have this cocky secondary coloring up he on the steering wheel which is little sits in the hand nicely perforations great driving position and we then have of course the reach saddle tan color on the seats and the seats are so phenomenal I wish you could reach for the camera and touch them because they’re supportive and incredibly supple we have Lexus aniline leather the highest grade all of hide on the state’s beautiful stitching affect the very comfortable they don’t have the same sort of adjustment as like a German comfort seat in a BMW but the boss is already kind of in the right position and they don’t need that much because they did it right the first time we’ve course of electric just meant we have memory of he if the drive up heating and cooling to the states but that has to be done through.

Lexus LC 500 TABLO

the screen which remains a bit finicky say we have the Lexus remote touch system driven by this touch pad down here which is compared to the insured have systems in BMWs Audis and Max I think it’s a little bit mediocre but if you’re under the cot you would get used to it however it’s great to see that let. Sister incorporating apple CarPlay and android auto but only to a cable it’s not wireless and of course you have navigation and digital radio built into this call already now we have a digital instrument cluster ahead of us which is quite futuristic doesn’t display a map or anything like that but it does give you a critical trip information and your song choice we originally saw that on the LFA still looks good here now it’s also reasonably practical interior full of grand touring costs that we have this cool central being here slide it back you have that little space corner key tray and then you can open up this way and get a felt lined box with 2 USB ports slide that away and then there is one but only one Cup holder which deploys opt out of the 10 center console not really bottle holders in the dole is small light

is a tiny tray but then you do have to little Dinky back seats back there which you know if you had to use them you could but the legroom is absolutely minimal and one further thing the LC 500 gets an absolutely impeccable mark Levinson reference stereo which sounds out of this world so on paper we do technically have those 2 little back seats that but you also get the benefit of a proper date in the Lexus LC and that’s because this vehicle is a traditional sedan coupe Hey is that used to be cold we have appointed a cab and then a separate boot rather to be hatchback now we have a hidden button down here in the tail lights which is pretty cool open up this little hatch which is of course on gas struts this being a luxury Lexus and you have a boot that is a small but you know usable enough for this car needs to be 697 ladies of space behind the rear seats and that’s more than enough for 2 or 3 soft bag to take this car away to a country house winery exactly the sorts of things.

Lexus LC 500 Cabriolet

this guy needs to do because at the end of the day the Lexus LC is all about the driving. So it behind the wheel I think the first natural question he’s does the Lexus LC 500 drive as well as it looks because it’s all very well to be sensually design on the outside and inside but that means the engine is really need to step up and do their job and make this thing a great driving grand touring vehicle the good news is that that is absolutely happens the Lexus LC is an incredibly cohesive vehicle to drive because just as its line suggests that this is a a fost but also long and light being grand tourer. The dynamics back up that proposition into highly. That’s done through the engine so you can get a 3.5 later V. 6 petrol with a hybrid system and that’s certainly very frugal and kind of has its own charms box the one to get while you still can and has got a baby the LC 500 with the 5 lease on naturally aspirated petrol V. 8.

That is one of the best standing engines in the business this is a serious dog producing 351 kilowatts of power and 540 Newton metres of torque and of course in 5. Absolutely. Yeah now you might be thinking that toll figure 540 need made it sounds a bit low and that’s because the L. C. does without turbocharging but that is all the better for it really because this is such an old school sort of 2 plus 28 grand tourer. And while the engine isn’t the most modern by V. 8 standards. It is an absolute joy to use now because these direct injected twin out talking about a really old school engineer it’s direct injected and has wonderful jewel cam systems are around town at low revs its adult to drive anyone could drive and it’s not intimidating it’s not loud but as you start to read it out they can change comes on about 4 grand. As we ran this band. And the noise just changes.

It is an absolutely. If you want it to be but it’s also a real **** cat if you just want to drive it tastefully around town on the highway it’s really quiet and refined I don’t think there are many because in this class that do the jewel personality thing as well as the LC now that also reflects the beautiful suspension set up in this vehicle it has an absolutely incredible ride quality despite the enormous 21 inch wheels that run on those Lee Christine Michelin pilot super sport ties the damping I shudder to think of one it must cost because somehow Lexus have been able to deliver all real flat in shop ride. In the sport and sport plus but in comfort the adaptive variable suspension just softens ride often becomes truly plush and you just don’t get affected by bumps in the cabin you know that they they have been humanely just collided with them it’s a beautifully beautifully damped vehicle incredibly strong achievement. And then there’s a steering which I find quite involving.

Lexus LC 500 Cabriolet

You can customize your ride modes which I love that sort of in the normal sport and sport plus set ups I do find the steering becomes a touch heavy but it’s nowhere near is ridiculously artificial let’s say B. M. W. in its sporting drive modes the incumbent the and normal I should say the LC 500 steering is just lovely influence last known locally assisted and yet quite a you know a graphic commensurate response from the front end as well because even though we have a lot of Chevy engine in this vehicle they’ve managed to situated really fought back so if you have a look at the engine bay will public some bay well here you can see just how far back I’ve been out and Nestle this V. 8 engine that’s because the LC 500 is rear wheel drive is any problem flagship sports car should be it sits on Lexus’s T. NGH L. platform it’s sort of the Toyota group TNGA modular platform L. many luxuries read Dr. And it is just a long think deal sees quite a bit of a drive then the updated asi ES I know that’s a bad quatre drive is actually really quite insulting but they’ll say just feels incredibly cohesive one and in fact I would suggest that it is the immediacy of the L. C.

inputs that make it such a compelling proposition now the throttle response of the atmo V. 8 he’s just wonderful now is so used to driving to a charge because it’s almost like when I’m testing a calm my brain now just allows for a moment today lag even in a twin turbocharged car is still in a brace as that service but was up but deal say doesn’t suffer that whatsoever. The engine just just responds immediately it’s like day he’s an absolute electric connection between your rifle and waking up the V. 8 it’s lovely. Is steering inputs a communicated quickly the damping cinches the LC back down to the right you know politely and comfortably by instantly. It’s just probably the automatic gearbox which is 10 spades sad tokom voted with 10 spades in the V. 8 version.Kasia lady can be called a few too many ratios now if you take control of it manually it’s actually lovely the ships are really snappy and quick they obey your,nd. He sounded just a wonderful meeting all shifts as well but if you sort of drive it would be less Sajjan clean comfort you can find the shifting rapidly but that’s kind of pop for the course for the sins of transmissions. Note that the hybrid gets a CVT. The brakes to definitely up to the job of pulling out this large group Hey and it’s also remarkably refined say road noise wind noise very well suppressed even when you’re driving hada Straily is Rafa Tomasso where you get to listen to it’s just that wonderful engine it is an absolute symphony.

Lexus LC 500

Now when you want to relax you do have some semi autonomous safety systems to help you on your way so you have right out cruise control here we have lane keep assist with lane trace we have blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert now they’ll see is a few years old now but it would be nice to see them update this vehicle with 360 degree camera at some stage it only has a see more this in camera which is was better than nothing and you do get parking sensors but because of some of the expressive angles on the outside of the vehicle it can be a little difficult to tell where extremity job and talking and a 360 degree camera would certainly help so it does add detailed impressions all of the Lexus LC 500 scene he in inspiration series for this is still 1 of my all time favorite because you can buy a new because it is an absolute indulgence beautiful 5 liter V. 8 engine with no turbo charging so and not likely

to see that you know in a limited sense into the future a dedicated to deal with lastly luscious styling you know amazingly comfortable driving dynamics and a beautiful combination alt a green over tan color scheme which still works best for me on the sorts of casa se does get much better than an LC 500 I don’t think so either of course I mean all of your thoughts down in the comments way down they make sure you could subscribe seeking keep seeing and being updated with great content just like this as always thanks for watching chasing us.


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