The Lamborghini Diablo celebrates its 30th anniversary!

Lamborghini Diablo
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Diablo The supercar, produced between 1990 and 2001, was the last Lamborghini produced before Audi’s takeover.At the end of the 1980s, Lamborghini faced a dilemma: how to replace the Countach, which was aging but already a world icon?

The answer is typical of the brand’s bull’s-eye style, more horsepower, and top-notch performance. In fact, when it was released in 1990, the Diablo was officially the fastest car in the world, with a top speed of 325 km/h!
And even if we tend to forget it a little quickly in Lamborghini’s history, the Diablo has had a fascinating career, since it links a difficult period for the brand, then owned by Chrysler, to a new prosperity thanks to its purchase by Audi in 1999.

11 years of transformations

Over the years, the supercar has evolved enormously. When it was launched, it was an old-fashioned sports car: only two-wheel drive, no ABS or traction control… In 1993, the Diablo VT became the first car of the brand to be equipped with all-wheel drive, if you don’t count the crazy LM002 SUV. The power continues to grow, the versions multiply, and when Audi buys the brand in 1999, the style is deeply revised, with the appearance of headlights directly from the Nissan 300ZX.

Inspiration for the Murciélago and Aventador

At the end of his career, the Diablo is now much closer to the image of a modern Lamborghini: ultra high performance, but also easier to drive and much better finished. The Diablo’s successor, the Murciélago, is the first Lamborghini designed entirely in the Audi era. From a project that came straight out of the 1980s, and developed on a limited budget, the Diablo has over the years become an inspiration for the rest of the brand’s history: its character and look can still be found today in the Aventador.

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