Lamborghini 2020: Bugatti boss takes over the reins

Lamborghini Stephan Winkelmann
Lamborghini. Stephan Winkelmann
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Stephan Winkelmann will become CEO of Lamborghini again in addition to his position as president of Bugatti.

In the game of musical chairs, having your backside between two chairs can be a winner. Stephan Winkelmann, who headed Lamborghini before joining Audi Sport (also known as Quattro) in 2016 and then Bugatti in 2017, all within the Volkswagen Group, will be returning to the bull by the horns. He will return to the Volkswagen Group as CEO and will continue to be president of Bugatti from December 1, 2020.
The German will thus replace Stefano Domenicali, who will become CEO of Formula 1. Prior to joining Lamborghini, Domenicali had been head of Scuderia Ferrari in the premier motorsport discipline. We will therefore talk about musical bucket seats.Lamborghini. Stefano Domenicali

Winkelmann, an obvious choice

“Stephan Winkelmann has decisively shaped the history of Lamborghini,” says Markus Duesmann, President of Audi, the car manufacturer to which Lamborghini belongs. Indeed, Winkelmann had indeed managed the Sant’Agata Bolognese firm for eleven years during his first stint. Prior to that, he had worked for the Fiat Group and is therefore familiar with the Italian automotive industry.

Winkelmann said: “Bugatti is the symbol of the world’s most successful, powerful, elegant and luxurious hypersports cars. Lamborghini builds the most exclusive supersports cars with exceptional design. Our creativity is still far from exhausted in both companies and the world can expect a few surprises”. As the transformation of the automotive industry poses ever greater challenges for sports car manufacturers, having one person at the helm of Bugatti and Lamborghini could facilitate potentially life-saving synergies for these brands.

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