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Kia 2021: Prepares its Military Hummer

KIA Hummer
KIA Hummer
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Kia develops a military all-terrain vehicle with Hummer’s fake air.

Many people don’t know it, but Kia has been producing military vehicles of its own design for several years. The Seoul-based manufacturer has produced more than 140,000 of them to date, mainly for the South Korean army but not only.

It is currently working on the next generation of these vehicles and is preparing an all-terrain vehicle that will not fail to remind some people of the American Humvee that gave birth to the first kia Hummer.
Still at the concept stage illustrated, the 4×4 will be based on the chassis of the large Kia Mohave SUV, which is not marketed here. It will be powered by a 7L diesel engine, enough to guarantee enough torque to get out of difficult situations, combined with an automatic transmission.

KIA Hummer

An almost comfortable machine

Kia’s future military off-roader will be equipped with a number of driving aids and comfort features such as reverse radar, 360-degree vision and even heated seats. But don’t expect a mass-produced derivative for all that.

Kia is designing this 4×4 with a modular approach that will make it easy to develop vehicles for a variety of specialized uses. The company is also working on electric and hydrogen engines for future military vehicles.

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