Honda Announces Civic Type R Limited Edition

Honda Civic Type R
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The Japanese firm is publishing the first images of its new application for owners of the latest generation Civic Type R on the web. The software allows users to improve their driving experience thanks to the numerous data collected during road trips or track outings.


This is probably the must-have application for any Honda Civic Type R owner who wants to get the most out of their sports car. The Honda Log R mobile software effectively allows you to analyze and interpret a multitude of data in order to make the driving experience more efficient and/or more fluid.

The application -compatible at launch only with the Honda Civic Type R- notes the braking and acceleration performance of the rider. Pistons will also benefit from a stopwatch that records lap times via GPS and measurements of oil and water temperatures. All of which will help to improve your driving on the track after a very sporty session. To top it all off, owners who use their car every day will also get tips on how to improve the comfort of their daily trips via a dedicated score.


The Honda Log R system will be available on Apple and Android devices. It will be available in online stores starting next spring. Other vehicles in the Honda line-up will undoubtedly benefit from this innovation with a different application name and with objectives focused on driving smoothness and ecology.

Civic Type R

This year’s Tokyo Auto Salon brings together some interesting new features: after the GR Yaris, here are some evolutions for the Honda Civic Type R, which gets a new blue color, a redesigned bumper and a system to improve the engine sound through the speakers.
Honda: some new features for the Civic Type R

The Honda Civic Type R is one of today’s benchmarks in sports compacts. The Honda Civic Type R receives a few small upgrades at the Tokyo Auto Salon, which brings together the cream of Japanese tuners and car modification in the land of the rising sun.

Civic Type r1

The first and most obvious novelty is this new “Boost” blue shade, which will be added to the “Sport” blue already available, and to white, red or black. The second evolution is also quite visible with a redesigned front bumper that is supposed to improve engine cooling. Alcantara on the steering wheel and a new gear lever will complete what can hardly be called a restyling.


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