GTA 5 Cars: What Are They in Real Life?

Porsche 918
Porsche 918
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If you like cars and games and like GTA since the time when the game was not even three-dimensional, stay with me in this report. We updated the list of the five fastest and sportiest cars in the game in the current phase of the franchise – GTA 5 and Online – and we also told you what your real life inspirations are.

Below you can see the five fastest cars, measured in maximum speed compared within a given track – not in lap times, nor in the final speed of the vehicle, something hardly disclosed. And also, as we said, in which real life models each one is inspired.
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Important: in the latest versions of the game it is possible to insert cars identical to those that actually exist, such as Ford Mustang and models from Ferrari and BMW, called “mods”. But our list includes only vehicles created by Rockstar, the GTA franchise developer.
For this report, we consult information on the GTA All website, a true encyclopedia about the game, which even offers a list of models separated by brands. Did you remember any other? Leave it in the comments field!

1.Pfister 811

Pfister 811 GTA
Pfister 811 GTA

The fastest car currently is the Pfister 811, with 213.2 km/h registered in the dispute. It is on sale at GTA’s “Legendary Motorsport” Online store for $1,135,000.
Among the highlights, four wheel drive and excellent aerodynamics generated thanks to the central position of the engine in the body.
In real life, the Pfister 811 (name identified by numeral in three houses, as in Porsche cars) is, of course, inspired by supersports of the classic German brand.
But other fans of the game still prefer to say that it is a mixture, which unites the front of a Porsche 918 with the back of a Koenigsegg Regera.

2. Banshee 900R Bravado

Bravado Banshee 900R
Banshee 900R Bravado

With 210.8 km/h of maximum, Banshee 900R is the second fastest car within the GTA 5 and GTA Online franchise.
Compact with an elongated hood, the model is an improved version of Bravado Banshee, available at the “Benny Car Repair Shop”, and visually inspired by the mythical Dodge Viper, one of the most classic supersports in the world, which existed between 1989 and 2017.
Banshee 900R can be conquered inside the game by increasing an original Banshee for US$ 565 thousand at Benny Shop.
It’s curious that recommendations from sites specialized in the game say to be careful with the force in acceleration, since the Banshee 900R is prone to escape from the rear due to the traction system on the back wheels – just like with Viper.

3. Grotti X80 Proto

Grotti X80 Proto
Grotti X80 Proto

The third fastest car in the franchise is the Grotti X80 Proto, a super sports car capable of reaching 205.2 km / h in the game. It is on sale in “Legendary Motorsport” for $ 2.7 million.
X80 – which in real life is also curiously the name of an average SUV of Chinese Lifan – is one of the most exotic cars of GTA.
It is inspired by a Ferrari prototype called F80, created by an Italian designer in an attempt to imagine what the future sports cars of the Italian brand will be like.

4. Truffade Nero

Truffade Nero
Truffade Nero

The Truffade Nero is the fourth fastest car in GTA 5 and GTA Online. Visually, it is clearly inspired by the Bugatti Chiron, a super sports car that for many years was also considered the fastest series-produced street car in the world.
The curious thing is that Nero, identical to Chiron, is the successor of Adder (both of the Truffade brand), which was equal to another Bugatti, the Veyron, which proves the inspiration in French brand cars.
But the differences are great: while the real-life Chiron passes 400 km/h, the maximum speed of Nero is “only” 204.8 km/h.
In the game, its entry version (it is “customized”) costs US$ 1 million and can be found in the area of “Sessanta Nove” in Portola Drive, Rockford Hills.

5. Progen Itali GTB

Progen Itali GTB
Progen Itali GTB

In the fifth fastest car position of GTA 5 and GTA Online we have the Progen Itali GTB, which, like the Truffade Nero, has four-wheel drive, customization option and sales by the “Legendary Motorsport” store. In the game, its maximum speed is 204.3 km/h.

Visually, Progen’s cars in the game are clearly inspired by McLaren’s models, a British brand recognized worldwide for its Formula 1 performance – and that for some years has been selling supersports enabled to run on the streets.

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