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Toyota GR Yaris AP4 2020
Toyota GR Yaris AP4 2020
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Toyota has transformed the GR Yaris into an AP4 rally version with an extreme look.

What happens when a road car is transformed into a race car, then again into a car and road, and a second time into a race car? It gets meaner each time! For the Australian Rally Championship, Toyota has designed an AP4 version of the already radical GR Yaris.

The city car thus becomes even more aggressive with more massive fenders equipped with extractors, vents on its hood, a roof air intake and a rear spoiler overhanging the tailgate.
Nic Hogios, head of design at Toyota in Australia, points out that the design of the car, although it took eight months, was facilitated by the already very sporty base offered by the GR Yaris roadster. “It offers us a fantastic starting platform. We have the carbon fiber roof, aluminum doors,

the world’s lightest and most powerful production turbocharged three-cylinder engine, an incredibly wide footprint, and all-wheel drive. It’s literally made for rallying. (…) If you compare it with the current Yaris AP4 we’re building, we had to put a different engine in it, we had to convert it to all-wheel drive, we had to develop the body kit, so for us this (new) car will be simpler and easier to build,” he explains.

Toyota GR Yaris AP4 2020
Toyota GR Yaris AP4 2020

Soon to be a better performing road GR Yaris?

As standard, the Toyota GR Yaris gets 261hp and 360Nm of torque from its 1.6L turbocharged three-cylinder engine combined with all-wheel drive via a six-speed manual transmission. It can be equipped with two Torsen limited-slip differentials. Its three-door bodywork is unique. It is available in France for €35,600.

The AP4 model is reserved for racing, but statements by Toyota officials and the appearance of prototypes on the Nürburgring recently suggest that an even more muscular road variant of the GR Yaris could be developed.

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