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Ford: the virtual P1 hypercar comes to life in the real world

Ford Hypercar P1 2021
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Ford gives life to the P1, a futuristic hypercar originally designed in the virtual wave.

Last August, at Gamescom 2020, a major international trade show dedicated to video games, Ford unveiled a virtual racing car called the ford P1. Designed in collaboration with the gamers themselves, this car is intended to eventually integrate a video game. In the meantime, here it is today… in reality.
A life-size model
Ford went from virtual to real by designing a life-size model of its futuristic racing car.

“While it is common to see real vehicles modeled in video games, this is the first time ever that a carmaker has brought a virtual car – which has not yet been presented in a game – to life with a physical version,” says the U.S. automaker.

A fighter plane for the runway

In reality, the car is therefore 4.73 m long, 2 m wide and 89.5 cm high. Logically, it has extremely sporty lines with prominent wings and sculpted flanks. Built around a monocoque structure, it also has a large, totally transparent canopy that, like on a fighter plane, protects the pilot and co-pilot.

Another special feature: the rear is completely exposed and pays homage to aerodynamics and modern competition cars.

As for the interior, it is minimalist. It simply features a race-style steering wheel with a large screen in the center for live data exchange with the team in the pits.

In the end, it took Ford only 7 weeks to make the P1 a reality…

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