Toyota Mirai 2021
Toyota Mirai 2021
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First Look At Toyota Mirai 2021

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Toyota presents the second generation of its hydrogen-powered Mirai sedan.

After the concept car, here is the new American production Toyota Mirai. With this second generation, the manufacturer gives its hydrogen-powered sedan a high-end positioning. Larger than its predecessor except in height,

the car is now a rear-wheel drive and can accommodate five people on board, one more than before. It boasts a much more consensual and statutory style than the first model and is fitted with 19-inch wheels (20-inch as an option).
Toyota Mirai 2021The Mirai is equipped with semi-autonomous driving equipment, an 8-inch digital dashboard, a 12.3-inch touch-screen infotainment system with Apple Carplay and Android Auto and Amazon Alexa connectivity, as well as an audio system with no less than 14 speakers.

Data sheet still to be known

At the end of 2019, Toyota had announced that the next Mirai would benefit from an improved fuel cell and a larger hydrogen tank to offer a 30% longer range, or about 650km.Toyota Mirai 2021

For the moment, the Japanese manufacturer does not give any further details on the technical specifications of its latest model, which is due to be launched in the United States next December. The new Toyota Mirai is due to be marketed in France in mid-2021.

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