Ferrari: Becoming 100% Electric? Never!

Ferrari: becoming 100% electric
Ferrari: becoming 100% electric
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Ferrari’s boss gives details about an electric model, but excludes the idea of a “zero emission” brand.

Ferrari: becoming 100% electric

Ferrari, which took its first steps in electrification with the LaFerrari hybrid supercar in 2013, has just launched the SF90 Stradale Plug-in Hybrid in its regular range and expects 60% of its cars to be hybrids by 2022, including all of its mid-engine rear-mounted cars. The manufacturer is also working on its first zero-emission” model. However, becoming a 100% electric brand in the long term would be excluded.
During a question-and-answer session organized during the presentation of Ferrari’s latest quarterly results, Louis Camilleri, 65, the firm’s managing director, said: “I really don’t see Ferrari becoming 100% electric one day, and it certainly won’t reach 50% in my lifetime”. However, changing regulations could force Ferrari to change its strategy on this issue.

A few words about an electric Ferrari

Camilleri focused on certain elements of the development of electric vehicles currently underway at Ferrari, and in particular on obtaining a sound worthy of the brand’s reputation in the absence of a combustion engine. It is really the depth of the sound and the progression of the sound that is key. (…) It’s clearly a high priority. We’ve worked hard on this and we’re confident that it’s certainly one of the aspects we can succeed he revealed.

The manager also pointed out the cost and complexity involved in creating an electric Ferrari. On the day we arrive at the Geneva Motor Show with an electric car, it will be a rather complex machine,” he said.

As for when that day will come, not a word. The first electric Ferrari could be a supercar successor to the LaFerrari; it is not expected to be unveiled until 2023.

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