Exklusiv: Rosberg testet 1900-PS-Elektro-Hypercar

Rosberg testet 1900-PS-Elektro-Hypercar
Rosberg testet 1900-PS-Elektro-Hypercar
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Formula 1 world champion Nico Rosberg (35) will be one of the first customers of the new Rimac C_Two electric hypercar.

He was already in pole position for the maiden voyage of the mega super sports car. On his YouTube channel, the former Mercedes star will be showing the first test kilometers of the supersportlery today from 6 p.m. is releasing the video with Rosberg’s permission exclusively in advance. Rosberg’s comment about the 1900 HP electric beast: “Great respect for Mate Rimac and his team to build such a mean machine!
It is already the second sports car model of the Croats. In total only 100 to 150 units are to be built. Cost per copy: more than one million euros.

The electro-hypercar seems worth it – at least according to the data.Rosberg testet 1900-PS-Elektro-Hypercar

Thanks to four electric motors, the Rimac C_Two has 1,915 hp. Total torque: 2,300 Nm. With this, the electric runabout is expected to sprint to 100 km/h in less than two seconds, the 300 mark is reached after 11.8 seconds. Top speed: 412 km/h. A torque vectoring system ensures optimum torque distribution.

The necessary energy comes from a 120 kWh battery pack. Range in normal mode: 650 kilometers. Charging is done by a fast charger – 80 percent in 30 minutes.
An eye-catcher: gullwing doors opening upwards to the front and various active aero elements on the carbon fiber monocoque.

The front hood is traversed by large air openings that can be closed by flaps. The large rear wing is adjustable in height and inclination. Crass: It can also be used as an air brake.
Sure: The new Mate Rimac racer is fully digital. Numerous sensors, radar systems, lidar radar and camera systems ensure autonomous driving functions. Series production will start in 2021.

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