BMW M3 (2020): M Performance Options

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The new BMW M3 and M4 are already available with a comprehensive catalog of M Performance options that can make them even sportier. Ground connections, aerodynamics, controls and aesthetics are concerned. As far as the exterior is concerned,

the M3 Performance package includes, for example, two types of forged wheels, a front spoiler, side sills, front wings, a rear spoiler, a rear wing or titanium exhaust outlets arranged in a trapezoid shape in the center of a specific rear bumper,

but also a livery that can be red and black or in the BMW M colors. Many body parts can be ordered in CFRP (plastic and carbon fiber composite).
An adjustable suspension to obtain a body height ranging from -5mm to -20mm compared to the original M3 or M4 (BMW recommends -10mm) as well as “sport” brake pads allow to optimize the links to the ground for use on the track.

Sporty atmosphere indoors


The interior is not to be outdone with carbon fiber door sills, M Performance floor mats, a finish combining carbon and alcantara or carbon transmission paddles, not to mention the custom-made cover and the projection of the BMW logo on the floor when the doors are opened.

As a reminder, the new BMW M3 and new BMW M4 coupe are only marketed by us, initially in any case, in Competition version with a 510hp twin-turbo six-cylinder engine combined with the rear wheels via a dual-clutch gearbox. All-wheel drive is available as an option for the first time.

The M3 Competition costs €102,000; the M4 Competition costs €104,550. A dip in the M Performance options catalog can add up to tens of thousands of Dollar.

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