BMW Bets On The Cars Of The Future

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The German car brand BMW focuses on technology and improving comfort on the road.

BMW is launching a collaboration with Israeli start-up Tactile Mobility, which specializes in technology and data, the German company announced Tuesday. BMW wants to design a system based on a large number of sensors in order to adjust the configuration of vehicles and thus enhance driving comfort.

Future Mobility at the BMW Group

The system will analyze a large amount of data such as road conditions, wheel speed, wheel angle, rpm and gear lever position. The software will also analyze the car’s brakes, engine condition and suspension. All of this is done to maximize driving pleasure.

Tactile Mobility technologies will be integrated into the new generations of cars of the BMW Group worldwide from 2021 onwards. Other brands of the group such as Mini and Rolls-Royce will also benefit from this software.

“This collaboration marks one of the first commercial integrations by an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) of touch sensing technology and data, which will be used to improve driving performance and road detection,” the company said in a release. “It is also part of a new era of sensor-based innovation in the automotive industry”.

There is a lot of talk about autonomous cars and their systems, but we forget that they are not yet ready to be democratized on the roads of Europe and the rest of the world. Nevertheless, it is interesting to see other practices, such as BMW’s, coming.

Relying on a large number of sensors to automatically enhance driving comfort is like considering an autonomous on-board computer system, which however will not happen without humans driving.


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