Awesome Aznom Palladium (2020): An All-Terrain Limousine!

Aznom Palladium (2020) :front right blue
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The Aznom Palladium is an off-road limousine with a particular style, based on a pickup truck.

Aznom Palladium! A strange object appears. Yet these words do not compose a magic formula; they are the name of a particularly atypical vehicle. Aznom is an Italian manufacturer who had his beginnings in customization and belongs to the same parent company as the Monza Garage tuner. The Palladium is a large luxury off-road sedan based on an American RAM pickup,

Aznom Palladium (2020)

a concept inspired by the 2008 American presidential Cadillac and already less extensively tested with the Aznom Atulux in 2018.
The name of the Palladium refers as much to the eponymous noble metal as it does to Andrea Palladio, the Italian Renaissance architect. The vehicle combines the dimensions and ground clearance of the imposing utility vehicle with a three-body body. The Palladium is 5.96m long, 2.09m wide and 1.97m high with a wheelbase of 3.67m. Aznom announces an empty weight of 2,650kg. Discover the Palladium in video !

A style apart

Not everyone will like the design of the Palladium, to say the least. In the middle of the vertical front end is a bright slatted grille that looks proportionally small by today’s standards, surrounded by a chrome ring joining the small horizontal lights. Chrome is found on the hood, window trim, lower doors and trunk, which opens like a drawer and offers a volume of 621L. The 22-inch aluminum rims are also shiny and house imposing brakes with 408mm diameter front discs in particular. The rocker panels hide running boards.

Aznom Palladium (2020): blue interior

The Palladium is presented as a “hyper-limousine” and its interior is particularly plush, with padded leather all the way up to the roof, wood trim panels, aluminum inserts and two Microsoft Surface X Pro shelves for the rear passengers, who also benefit from a Harman Kardon audio system.

A 710 hp behemoth

Under the hood of the Palladium is a 5.7L twin-turbo V8 that, after passing through the Monza Garage workshop, develops 710hp and 950Nm of torque. This unit can be equipped with a light hybridisation on request, and is associated with an eight-speed automatic gearbox. The driver has a control to switch between rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive with differential lock between the two axles.

The Aznom Palladium is to be produced at 10 units, largely by hand. The price of the car has not been communicated; it is expected that each unit will be personalized according to the wishes of its purchaser.

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