A Bugatti Chiron LLD Costs A Small Fortune

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It is hard to imagine a car such as a Bugatti in long-term rental. And yet, an American distributor of the Volkswagen group’s prestige cars is unveiling some pretty impressive rates and unusual monthly payments.
A Bugatti Chiron in long-term leasing costs a small fortune.

It’s a little curiosity that we couldn’t even think of. The Bugatti Chiron is available for long-term rental, just like a “vulgar” Peugeot 208 or Kia Picanto! But, as you can imagine, the prices are quite different. An American made an estimate at a Lamborghini dealer in Florida for a used Chiron, from 2019, with 2000 km on the odometer. A car that is not only for sale, since it is possible to lease it for 2 or 3 years.


But to do so, you have to sit down and watch the monthly payments reveal themselves: $52,000 for a three-year contract and $65,950 for two years. The worst thing is that the mileage is more than low: 4000 per year. In other words, one fun outing one weekend a month, or one return trip a day to the bakery to get the bread, and that’s it. That’s between 1.5 and 1.9 million dollars in expenses in 3 to 2 years. On paper, a bad deal, therefore, since the first year’s discount is much lower!

It’s also worth noting that the car, which cost $3.5 million at the time of purchase, has already lost $200,000 in 12 months. We are here on a discount that’s chilling!


From inside the car, the glass roof enhances the breathtaking experience offered by the excitement of speed and unprecedented comfort, flooding the cockpit with natural light. From the outside, this roof perfectly complements its powerful and enchanting silhouette. The two panels are located on both sides of the central spoiler rising from the carbon fibre body of the CHIRON and each elegantly stretch in the direction of the C-shaped line defining the car’s recognisable profile between the mile.


The heart of the CHIRON consists of an 8L W16 engine. This unique masterpiece develops 1,500 horsepower and 1,600 Nm of torque, generating between 2,000 and 6,000 rpm. Four high-performance turbochargers work in a controlled two-stage configuration and define this performance champion. A remarkable amount of air passes through the engine – 60,000 liters per minute.


At the same time, 800 liters of water per minute flow through the heart of the CHIRON to cool it and help generate extraordinary power. A further improvement in performance is made possible by the new titanium exhaust system, which reduces the exhaust back pressure. To maximize the CHIRON’s raw power, lightweight materials such as carbon fibre were used in the development process for the latest engines.


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