5 Facts About Infiniti QX55, Which Give Reason To Dream About it

Infiniti QX55
Infiniti QX55
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1- This is not an Asian car, but an American car.

We write “Japanese”, but we think “Americans”. Infiniti QX55 – the car is more American than Japanese. Yes, the technology is from the mother Nissan, yes, among the top managers there are the Japanese. However, the production is in America, I mean on the North American continent: the car will be made at the Infiniti plant in Mexico.

The Americans were also working on the car. The world premiere of the car took place in the USA, and Alfonso Albais, the senior vice-president on design, Eric Rigo, the general manager on strategic planning, and Peyman Kargar, the general director of the company, spoke at it. Not a single Japanese man!

Moreover, this machine will not travel around Asia like many classic “Japanese”. Infiniti reports that “the new crossover will be available in the markets of Russia, USA, Canada, as well as in the Middle East and some Asian countries. There you go: only “some”.

2- Fashionable body: coupe-crossover

Infiniti QX55 manufacturer calls it a coupe-crossover – a heavily swamped roof line together with a ledge on the trunk lid justify this term. The car’s slim racks definitely go along with the basic 20-inch rims in three-dimensional wheel arches.

The design of the body came out complex – a lot of stampings and additional elements, but in principle, progress has already reached the point where it all does not become a problem then. LED rear optics is remembered for its architectural design, which, by the way, will make the car absolutely recognizable on the road.

3- QX55 is the successor of the FX model, which everyone loved so much.

The new QX55 is not a direct descendant, but the official heir to the legendary Infiniti FX. That one was, however, bigger. The novelty is more compact. FX was especially popular in Russia and is still often found on our roads.

Infiniti QX55
Infiniti QX55

4- Tax – less, speakers – more.

The tax on the new Infinity will not be as high as on the previous FX. The QX55 will be powered by a two-liter VC Turbo engine, the world’s famous first commercially available Variable-Compression Engine. Especially for Russia and specifically for tax purposes, the engine will be deformed to 249 hp.

There is no data on dynamics yet, but it is an engine from QX50, the result of which is 7.3 to “hundred”. We expect from the new crossover approximately the same result, or even better, because it is even slightly easier than a relative. Otherwise, however,

they are very close, because in fact, QX55 is based on the QX50, which is produced for three years. They have the same parameters of the power plant with a transverse location of the engine, identical all-wheel drive, variator, even the wheelbase coincides.

The novelty, however, is lower than the “brother” and has more sporty suspension settings – which means that it should be more fun on the road. Well, for comparison – the legendary FX of 2004 release with the engine of 4.5 liters of crazy volume was speeding up to 100 km/h in 7.8 seconds.

5- Seats from NASA

Infiniti QX55 has no virtual dashboard – analog scales are in front of the driver’s eyes. The designers decided to give fashion tribute with the help of a full-color projection display, and the instrument panel was left “natural”. It can be liked or not,

but it perfectly characterizes the car in general – it is all such, “natural”, as well as the Infiniti QX50, whose interior design was copied here in fact completely.
Of course, there are two displays on the central console.

There is an Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, there is a complex of systems of active security ProPILOT Assist, there are ergonomic seats Zero Gravity, designed on a special technology used by engineers NASA.

For the American market, there are three options. Most likely, we will have the same amount of seats.

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