2021 Tesla – Elon Musk

Tesla – Elon Musk
Tesla – Elon Musk
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The electric car revolution has taken the world by storm with every other manufacturer shifting towards the greener alternative.

Tesla-Elon Musk is arguably the one company that is driving the revolution at the moment with the others following behind. The American automotive giant has released several electric vehicles that have earned praise in the car community. Tesla has trucks, sedans, and even semis on their roster with more options to come soon.

The best part?

They are all-electric, meaning zero carbon emissions and zero pollution. The world might just be able to recover from the effects of harmful gas emissions if the automotive industry keeps heading in the right direction.
Things at Tesla changed a while back when car enthusiasts and now multi-billionaire Tesla CEO, Elon Musk took over the company. He has the vision to make the company the best in the electric vehicle business.

So far, he is succeeding in his goal with Tesla racking up better sales each quarter. The company delivers its vehicles directly to the customer so there is no mediary involved. In this way, Tesla controls its prices and creates a direct customer service relationship with the buyer.
The business is going so well that recently Tesla opened another Giga factory in the U.S and then one in China.

The work on the Chinese plant is slow and lacking especially since the advent of the coronavirus pandemic. The global economy has been hit hard by the effects of the virus with the automotive industry being hit the hardest. Once the virus slows down, the Tesla Chinese factory will start production and begin catering to the largest automotive market in the world.

Tesla was also recently hit hard by the U.S. government’s plans to boycott working with Chinese companies and businesses. The trade sanctions were pretty strict spoiling any plans of Tesla’s eastern success. However, with the U.S. elections taking a surprising turn, it is expected that the trade war with the Chinese ends, and Tesla is allowed to conduct business as usual.

Tesla is also the front-runner when it comes to research in battery technology. According to calculated test results, Teslas have a much better battery range than their competitors. You can compare a random Tesla sedan and will still give you a much better driving range on a full charge than any other famous electric car in the industry.
With the leadership of Elon Musk, it is expected that the company will reach new heights. d a

Elon Musk

Elon Musk
Elon Musk

Elon is additionally CEO of Neuralink, which is creating super high data transfer capacity cerebrum machine interfaces to associate the human mind to PCs.

He likewise dispatched The Boring Company, which consolidates quick, reasonable burrowing innovation with an all-electric public transportation framework to lighten soul-pulverizing metropolitan blockage and empower fast, significant distance travel. The Boring Company fabricated a 1.15 mile R&D burrow in Hawthorne, and is at present building Vegas Loop, a public transportation framework at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Beforehand, Elon helped to establish and sold PayPal, the world’s driving Internet installment framework, and Zip2, one of the primary web guides and headings administrations.

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