2021 Ferrari: the boss resigns!

2021 Ferrari
2021 Ferrari
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Louis Camilleri, CEO of Ferrari since 2018, is leaving the company without delay.

To everyone’s surprise, Louis Camilleri, CEO of Ferrari, has just announced his resignation “for personal reasons” with immediate effect. Camilleri had taken over the reins of the Maranello-based manufacturer in 2018 to succeed Sergio Marchionne,

who had stepped down as CEO a few days before he died due to health problems. The leader administration of Ferrari was then taken over by John Elkann, beneficiary of the Agnelli family, who is as yet in office

Neither Ferrari nor its now ex-boss gives any further details on the motivations or context of this sudden departure. According to the Wall Street Journal, Camilleri was recently hospitalized after contracting Covid-19 and is currently completing his recovery at home. The 65-year-old has also just stepped down as president of the cigarette company where he had worked for 40 years.

John Elkann Acting CEO

John Elkann will serve as Ferrari’s interim CEO while the Board of Directors selects Camilleri’s replacement: “I would like to express our sincere thanks to Louis for his unqualified commitment as CEO since 2018 and as an individual from our Board of Directors since 2015.

His passion for Ferrari has been boundless and under his leadership the company has further affirmed its position as one of the best companies in the world, capitalizing on its truly unique heritage and quest for excellence. We wish him and his family a long and glad retirement, he said.

In just two years, Camilleri had led the brand’s rapid development with the launch of several new models, including the new Icona line, and took the company to the 10,000 mark in annual sales.

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