2020 After Audi, BMW in Turn Leaves Formula E

BMW in Turn Leaves Formula E
BMW in Turn Leaves Formula E
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The German manufacturer explains that it wants to focus on the mass production of electric cars.Nothing is going right in Formula E anymore. After the announcement at the beginning of the week that Audi intended to leave the 100% electric discipline to attempt the Dakar and / or Le Mans adventure, it is BMW’s turn to slam the door.

Like Audi, the team will compete in the 2021 season, but no more. In two seasons, the Bavarian manufacturer had managed to win 4 victories, 4 poles, and 9 podiums. But good news for Formula E fans, the team itself should survive, thanks to the American team Andretti, until now BMW’s partner.

Dark days for Formula E

The manufacturer says it wants to focus on the mass production of electric cars. More worrying for the discipline, the brand announces that it has looked at the possibilities of technology transfer between the track and the road. Indeed, in an effort to limit costs, the batteries are the same for all teams. Yet it is the latter that are the sinews of war for production cars.

In short, after very rapid development and the commitment of many major manufacturers (Jaguar, DS, Porsche, Nissan, BMW, Mercedes, Audi…), Formula E will have to prepare for a more difficult phase in its young existence.

As in F1 or endurance racing, the major manufacturers are constantly subject to financial and performance pressures, and can therefore leave the sport overnight. Proof of this is the announcement on Wednesday, December 2 that Volkswagen will withdraw from motor racing as a whole.

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